Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Life...

So I have been keeping up with my Project Life album.  Basically, I am recording each week in our life, with adding anything and everything!  One of my favorite "crafters" now is Amy Tangerine.  She isn't married and  doesn't have kids, but her PL (project life) is lots of fun to look at ( also shows that everyone can scrapbook!) Another great site is Elisa Blaha - she is super creative and is also doing a PL album.

One of my new favorite things to use on my PL are these day stamps from Jenni Bowlin. 

Here are a few pages from my album.  This section included photos...obviously...what the weather was like and a thank you note from my sister.

This year, I am trying to include more journaling and the stories about our family!

Sam had to write a paper for school comparing a lobster to a I included that in an 8.5 x 11 page.  The page on the right has four 4x6 squares and then a 8x6 pocket. 

ON the other side of the pocket from the above photo, I've included the boys' Lego mini figure packaging and the list of Lego Mini figures for the "series."

I really like the three pocket 4x6 size pages.

Our Valentine celebration!
Another 4x6 pocket page.  It is all about Moose and her spa treatment.  I also included a Valentine card that jack got that day...a heart shaped pizza on front of the card..perfect!!

The boys went to the movie "the Lorax," so I printed off the movie poster.  Jack makes these little "people" from paper, so I included the little wizard man in the album.

I am trying to use a lot of the paper and things that I already have in my stash...that is somewhat working because who can resist new scraping materials..especially Washi tape!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jack and Kermit...

I have always been in love with the Muppets, but that is a story for another day.  I was so excited when the new Muppet movie came out and last week you could buy it on DVD.  Jack and Sam popped it in the other day to watch it...again!!

Jack got his Kermit to complete his movie experience...

...laying in a box made it that much better.
(Sam and a friend made this box into a fort and jack claimed it during the movie.)

If you enjoy the Muppets, then you will love this movie.

This little guy is Walter.  he is trying to decide if he is a man or a Muppet.  LOVE his t-shirt!!

Later that day, we spotted this coming down the lane....

Jack was obviously inspired by the movie to wear his Kermit t-shirt...and his Kermit stayed with him all day.

Even for a bike ride!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Phone Photos...

Jason and i finally  figured out how to get the photos off our phones..thought I would share some pics from the past two years!

Jack "watching" one of Sam's football games in the rain.

Jason and i at the band "gear daddies." I am squinting because the flash was extremely bright!!

Jack and I went on a date to a Chinese restaurant. He thought they had the best water ever!

Jason and I at Bon Jovi!

The "kiddos" at the park.

Check out Jack's hickey mustache.  While at a Cubs game, he sucked a Gatorade bottle to his mouth and it left this nice mark for the rest of our vacation!

My little Jack Sparrows.

Jack checking out the snake that I killed with the lawn mower which lead to the saying, "That is bloody hell nasty, mom!"

When Moose's friend Esther comes to stay, they follow the boys around endlessly!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Day in KC...

For spring break, we headed to Kansas City for a long weekend.  We all love to go to KC...walk around, eat at favorite places and enjoy the amazing weather!!
Jason' birthday is on St. Patty's Day.  Every year for his birthday, we head to McDonald's and he orders a Big Mac and a Shamrock shake. (Jason and his dad use to do this every year.) Jack loves Shamrock shakes and enjoys the tradition, too!  (the shakes are too minty for Sam and I!!) 

We finally got to our hotel room where Jason and Sam checked on the March Madness basketball games.

Jack played the i-pad!

Sam's birthday is coming up and I am wondering what this boy could possibly need...any suggestions??

After a quick rest, we headed out to the Plaza for some shopping...the boys always find a spot to "chill" and wait.

We ate outside as much as possible.  Sam shared all the "characters" he could draw on his glass of water...

Jack trying the glass drawing out...

"I don't see anything, Sam."

We always rub the nose of the big boar...good luck for a year!! (and it's right outside the North Face store which takes up a lot of Jason's time!)

Heading back to our hotel after a successful day of Plaza walking!! 

Jack was our map guide the entire way back.

The boys read a new magazine we found at the book store.  It's a Lego magazine and has loads of ideas of what they could build!!  it's amazing how they can get along one minute...

...and then the next minute jack is all upset because Sam is on his side of the bed!  We even put a sheet down the middle of the bed to "separate" the bed, but that almost caused more problems...see how "Sam's sheet is on the separator!!" was good when everyone finally fell asleep!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Perfect St. Patty's Day...

For St. Patty's Day, we were in Kansas City and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the St. Patty's Day parade!

Sam was good to go with all his green...from his head to his toes (he has green on his shoes!)

We started the day at Starbucks.  When the boys ordered their hot chocolate, they got their names on their cups.  They thought it was pretty cool to have their names yelled out when their drinks were ready!

Jack was so happy to have a cinnamon scone. "We haven't had one of these in years!' Our Starbucks no longer carries cinnamon!

At the parade there were different items you could purchase.  From a huge cart, you could buy a small trumpet - such as the boy in the lower left hand corner - or you could purchase a large fog horn.  Wonder which one we got???

The horns sound just like fog horns.  We listened to them a lot that day.  At one point, we were down on the plaza...the boys and I were waiting for Jason to come out of a store.  I was people watching and suddenly Jack started to sound his horn.  When I looked over, Sam had taken Jack's hat off and put it down in front of Jack to see if anyone would drop some money in it...Seriously boys?!?!?

All i wanted was a picture of the boys with their fog horns.  Sam was good to go in this photo...

...and Jack was good for this one.  Ugh!!

Once the parade started, this lady stepped in front of us with her super gigantic fuzzy trimmed frock.

There was lots of cheering and singing!

...and men on stilts.

It was crazy packed everywhere!

We then had lunch at one of our favorite hamburger dives.

While we were there, one of our favorite teachers stopped in for a bite at the same dive!!
St. Patty's day is also Jason's birthday.  We celebrated that night at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Margarita's. We had huge tacos and loads of green chips.  Perfect ending to the perfect Patty's day!