Monday, March 26, 2012

Perfect St. Patty's Day...

For St. Patty's Day, we were in Kansas City and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the St. Patty's Day parade!

Sam was good to go with all his green...from his head to his toes (he has green on his shoes!)

We started the day at Starbucks.  When the boys ordered their hot chocolate, they got their names on their cups.  They thought it was pretty cool to have their names yelled out when their drinks were ready!

Jack was so happy to have a cinnamon scone. "We haven't had one of these in years!' Our Starbucks no longer carries cinnamon!

At the parade there were different items you could purchase.  From a huge cart, you could buy a small trumpet - such as the boy in the lower left hand corner - or you could purchase a large fog horn.  Wonder which one we got???

The horns sound just like fog horns.  We listened to them a lot that day.  At one point, we were down on the plaza...the boys and I were waiting for Jason to come out of a store.  I was people watching and suddenly Jack started to sound his horn.  When I looked over, Sam had taken Jack's hat off and put it down in front of Jack to see if anyone would drop some money in it...Seriously boys?!?!?

All i wanted was a picture of the boys with their fog horns.  Sam was good to go in this photo...

...and Jack was good for this one.  Ugh!!