Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Life...

So I have been keeping up with my Project Life album.  Basically, I am recording each week in our life, with adding anything and everything!  One of my favorite "crafters" now is Amy Tangerine.  She isn't married and  doesn't have kids, but her PL (project life) is lots of fun to look at ( also shows that everyone can scrapbook!) Another great site is Elisa Blaha - she is super creative and is also doing a PL album.

One of my new favorite things to use on my PL are these day stamps from Jenni Bowlin. 

Here are a few pages from my album.  This section included photos...obviously...what the weather was like and a thank you note from my sister.

This year, I am trying to include more journaling and the stories about our family!

Sam had to write a paper for school comparing a lobster to a I included that in an 8.5 x 11 page.  The page on the right has four 4x6 squares and then a 8x6 pocket. 

ON the other side of the pocket from the above photo, I've included the boys' Lego mini figure packaging and the list of Lego Mini figures for the "series."

I really like the three pocket 4x6 size pages.

Our Valentine celebration!
Another 4x6 pocket page.  It is all about Moose and her spa treatment.  I also included a Valentine card that jack got that day...a heart shaped pizza on front of the card..perfect!!

The boys went to the movie "the Lorax," so I printed off the movie poster.  Jack makes these little "people" from paper, so I included the little wizard man in the album.

I am trying to use a lot of the paper and things that I already have in my stash...that is somewhat working because who can resist new scraping materials..especially Washi tape!!

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