Friday, December 28, 2012


On Christmas day, I was cleaning up the counter and picked up the GLASS jar that held all my silverware and it shattered in my hand. I felt the glass cutting into my poor little pinkie finger and thought, "Oh crap." I looked at my finger and the blood was coming out immediately.  Next thought, "Uh Oh..."
Now, if you know me, I cannot stand cuts that draw blood or especially ones that require stitches. I "go down," meaning, I must lay down on the floor with my feet above my heart and breathe deeply...and go to my happy place.

So, back to Christmas. When the blood appeared, I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my finger and went out to where everyone was sitting. My mom jumped up instantly and said, "Did you cut yourself?" She is awesome like that...she knew even without my telling her!  Or it might have been that i was swaying like I was on a boat ready to capsize!! I immediately start to look for a place to "rest."  In the background i can hear my sister...





She is awesome like that...calling out the play by play...just in case the family hadn't noticed me laying in the middle of the living room floor.

I then started the sweat thing...that cold clammy sweating.  Yuck. So I tell all, "I'm sweating!"  Mom asks my sister," Can you get her a cold wash cloth for her head."  Never fear Meg to the rescue!  She goes and gets a large, soaked hand towel and places it on my's that large. (But I don't say anything, because Megan is distraught...she had lost one of her gloves right before I went down.)

Thank goodness my mom was/is a nurse and she immediately begins to tend to my wound.  Unfortunately, she begins to use words likes stitches and meat.

"If you need stitches, you would only need one or two."
"I am going to look to see if there is any glass in your finger."
"I am just checking if you cut into the meat."

I politely say, "Please don't use the word meat." But she doesn't hear me due to the large towel covering my face and she uses it two more times.

Meanwhile, Megan is in the background, "Has anyone seen my glove?"

In about 15 minutes, all is good.  I am bandaged up, Jason cleaned up the glass and silverware and Megan found her glove.

The next morning, I bumped my pinkie and it bled a little.
The night before, mom had shared that if the bleeding didn't stop, I would need stitches.
While holding a wash cloth to my pinkie, I thought,  "Wow. I have a cut that might have needed stitched..but it isn't"

Hmmm...I'm tough like that.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Cousin Christmas...

This weekend we had cousin Christmas.  My boys look forward to this day all year...they love being with their cousins!

We always take the annual cousin you can see they just love this opportunity!

The kiddos actually surprised us this year and it didn't take very long to get a good one!! (Jack made another appearance with his famous green shirt and tie!)

Jack opened up a new Lego set and was soon busy putting it together.  Logan sat down with Jack and helped him out.

When Logan was younger, he would put the boys' toys together for and with them. I just love how he still sits down and builds with Jack!

Sam's Aunt Steph can't stand Morph suits, so of course it had to make and appearance!

We had to take this picture twice...Sam forgot to smile!!

We ordered Smokey D's for super. Unfortunately, I had a cooking accident and I wasn't even cooking!

Steph brought an appetizer that needed to be warmed up, so I turned on the oven to preheat.  I opened the oven door to put in her appetizer and found the take out in the oven! OOPS!! Jason had put the food in the oven to keep it warm...BUT I turned on the oven and melted down the take out containers. 

"What happened to the lids?"  asked Jason.
Steph and I both said, "What lids???"
I honestly thought the food had come in some new type of round "paper" holders. (So did Steph!) Oh was nothing new. These were regular take out Styrofoam holders that you would get at any restaurant.  I had melted them down to almost nothing!

But the real kicker is that Jason had told me he put the food in there and NOT to turn on the oven!  "Oh, we have nothing to cook tonight...we'll be fine!" I replied!

What happened, was that when i went to preheat the oven and I did remember the food was in there, but forgot to push the button to warm the second I do have a good excuse.

Not much of the food was eaten and I think the cousins had to stop at a drive through on the way home.  Moose did enjoy a belly full of leftover meat!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Just Go With It...

I have learned that sometimes you just have to go with it....

Me: Jack why do you have your goggles on?
Jack: So I can see what's at the bottom of this bucket.

He then puts his entire head into he bucket.

Me to myself: Just go with it...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Last Twinkie...

Right after Thanksgiving, the boys and I were doing some grocery shopping and came across a box of Twinkies!!  A REAL box of Twinkies!! Sam and Jack were super excited. (It was a bit embarrassing how Sam wrestled it out of an old lady's hand, but I was proud of his perseverance...JK!!) Unfortunately, the other day, Sam enjoyed the last Twinkie that he will ever have for the rest of his life.  Who says Sam is dramatic???

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sam and Jack's Lego Apartment...

The two goof balls spent about two hours the other afternoon building a Lego apartment.

(Jack decided to wear his vikings stocking cap ALL DAY...and he did! (His fashion sense continues to grow!)

Here's the apartment.  The blue section is actually water dividing the two apartments.  To get from one side to the other, you must cross the brown bridge.  Jack's apartment is at the top and Sam's is on the lower half.

This is Sam's computer room along with a mug of water.  (Wouldn't want to have pop and then not be able to fall asleep that night!)  Jack asked him what he was doing in his room, "Just doing some on-line dating," he replied.  When I took this photo, Sam tossed his Lego man at the same time..that is why he seems to be hovering in the picture.

This is Jack's room. He also has a computer, a goblet and a lava lamp on his desk.  After Jack asked Sam what he was doing, Sam asked Jack what he might be doing in his apartment..."Meditating," explained Jack.

Sam got a look at his Lego man hovering in the previous picture, so both boys thought it would be great to see if I could capture their Lego men flying into their apartments. Can you spot them flying in on the right?

Jack's Lego man overshot the entire building...Sam's is landing almost perfectly in his room.

One more head dive by jack's man...

And one more flip by Sam's.
Then is was back to on-line dating and meditating. Makes a parent proud!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Fashion Statement...

Jack was sporting a good looking outfit the other day...

A monkey pj top, gray baseball pants and yellow Sponge Bob socks.

He takes after his father.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Week of Henry Spottings...

Henry has been one busy elf!

He has left a note for each of the for Jack (just a little reminder note!)

He hid on Sam's shelves...

and left him a note too.

The boys fought colds all week and poor Henry got sick, too!!

Sam couldn't believe that Henry put Vicks on his feet for his cough!

Henry thought the sleigh would be perfect for the snow we had on Sunday...but it obviously didn't last too long!

It took awhile to find Henry when he hid in one of the decorative Mason jars.

He must feel comfortable under items...on this day, he hid under a glass in the cupboard.

Somehow he squeezed himself into Jack's Lego advent calendar!

Jack said that Henry was good at giving the stink eye!

On Friday, Henry brought the boys plates!

This is one of Jack's favorites!  Henry camouflaging himself in the Poinsettia!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunday Snow...

Everyone was super excited about the snow on Sunday and couldn't wait to to go out and play in it! Sam was up in Minneapolis for the Vikings game with Jason, so it was just Jack and I on our own!

Moose didn't want to be left out by any means!

It didn't take long for Jack to get his "snow gear" on and was ready to go. 

We started out with some snow angels. 

Jack noticed the snow was perfect for building a snowman! 

We ran into a little hitch while finding sticks for our snowman's arms.  each time we would get one, Moose would think it was for her...she would actually grab the stick out of our hands...and once she has it, there's no getting it back. What a stinker! 

Jack was finally successful in getting a couple of sticks for his snowman. 

"As soon as he leaves, those sticks are mine! heehee!!"

There wasn't much snow until you hit the ground, so there was a bit of grass picked up while rolling!

 Jack and his wonderful little snowman!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cheese and Crackers...

Sam and Jason have a football tradition...

During football season, Sam would come home from football practice and have cheese and crackers with Jason.  Sam had practice on Monday and Thursday evenings, so while they enjoyed their cheese and crackers, they would also watch the Monday Night and Thursday Night football games.  Well, football practices are done, but the cheese and crackers for football nights still lives on!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Moose!!!

What does my craft table have to do with Moose?

 I have been spending a lot of time at my table, getting ready for January and February classes at Memory Bound. My "crafting" area is in the basement, so when I head down there, so does Moose. (as you can see my table is in a serious need of a straightening.)  It's been a bit chilly in the basement, so I turn on my portable heater, which sits under the table. 

Another thing that sits under the table...Moose! She takes a nap under my table near the heater!!

She peeks out every so often to see if it is time for a treat.

Moose has also been busy "hunting" in the woods!
WARNING: next picture is NASTY!!!


This is the latest thing that Moose brought me...instead of a body, just the head.  She laid it right by the sliding glass door and was so proud!  I REALLY think she brings them to me because every time she brings me something, she gets a treat.  I give her a treat so she will drop the carcass and I don't want her to have carcass breath! I am also a bit concerned with what is in the woods that can take off a rabbit's head so cleanly!

The VERY next day, after bringing me the rabbit head,  Moose comes in with the top of her nose bloody! UGH!! I really don't know what she did to get this one! The top of her nose is scraped...kind of like a knee scrape...I am guessing she must have gone after a critter that went under something and she thought she could reach it and her nose got scraped up. Sam looked at it and said, "Oh wow. That gives me the icks."  He is SO his mother's son!!

Moose fits in perfectly with the family...there is never a dull moment with her around!!