Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sam, Our Tri-Athlete!

Sam has been training for his triathlon all summer, and finally the day was here!

He signed up to do it last year, but it was rain delayed and eventually cancelled.

He was super excited to get FINALLY get the opportunity to participate in the race!

He was so excited and nervous, that the night before he wasn't able to fall asleep until one in the morning.

It was a very short night for the little man.

He was pretty stressed out about not getting enough sleep and the "unknown" about the entire event, but once he got going...he was fine...as always!!

 In line for the swimming leg of the race...I am wondering why the little guy on the left is checking Sam out...

And off he went!! 

(oh jeepers...a little cold...that's what I would have been thinking!!)

Running to his bike after the swim.  A transition...I've learned some lingo this summer!

Nanny and jack cheering him on during his transition!  Jack was a much more active cheerleader at this race then he was during the previous weeks one mile race.


And off he goes to do the 2 mile bike ride....
Even a little wave from Jack!!!

Back from the bike ride to transition to his half mile run (I KNOW...I would be dead too!)

Looking good...

Sam thought the water break areas were pretty cool...he would drink a little and then pour the rest on his head!

He just entered the track were he needs to go around one time to the finish line!

He can see the finish line...right across the field. (I think I would have just cut across the field and called it good!)

Darn, he got a little cramp and need to take a little break.

He finished strong!!

A little grimace, but who wouldn't after that!!!

he finished the entire race in under 18 minutes!! He was hoping to finish in about 20 minutes, so he set himself a personal best...I guess since it was his first tri, it would automatically be his personal best!

You can see how proud he is with that big smile!
Congratulations, Sam!!

(I was able to get all these pictures at each stage, because I am in good running shape and ran from event to event.  Not really, my dad was with me and he shot some of the photos while I shot some of the others! Team work!!)

Monday, July 30, 2012

What's Up with the Chair?

Why is Sam sitting in this chair, in the middle of the driveway...all by himself?

Is he in time out - (NOT SAM!)

Is he enjoying the view of the woods?

Or is he and Moose pondering the ways of the world?

Nope, just getting his first home haircut!! 

Sam's tri was on the following day, so he asked Jas to buzz his hair in order to make him less wind resistant!

And off it went.
 How funny is it that Moose sat with him the entire time...even when he was just sitting in a chair.  By himself.  In the middle of the driveway.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Summerfest Road Race...

Sam has been in "training" for his triathlon and thought a one mile road race would be perfect for his training!

Right before his race...poor kid has nerves like him mom!!

Getting ready to run...i am thinking the boys in the green are related to each other!

And he's off.

Jack was such a good cheerleader for Sam!

Seven minutes later, Sam came running down the home stretch!

He ran a PB (personal best,) felt good after his race and was so proud of himself! 
Way to go Sam!!
Next run...the triathlon!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Family Party...

The night before Jack's "real" birthday, the family got together to celebrate!

We started the celebration and our favorite Mexican restaurant, Cazador's.  The boys always want to go here - just for the sombrero!

When we got home, the family was there, so it was time to OPEN PRESENTS!!!!

(On the back of Sam' Lego shirt he wanted "security" in case anyone got out of line!)

Moose, who is always so calm, was out of control!!  She kept trying to jump into Jack's lap and then would grab wrapping paper and tear it apart!  She has never acted like this way...unfortunately, she ended up outside (I guess she got a time out.) She stood by the window and barked and barked!!  What a character!

No birthday is official until he gets a Monkey!

Aunt got him a fancy hat and sweet tie!

He didn't have his Lego cake until the following day, so we put his little guy on the cake!

Another successful family birthday!