Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Afternoon Date...

Jack took me on a lunch date the other afternoon.
We did a few errands and then Jack thought Applebees would be the perfect establishment for lunch.

Notice he got all dressed up...wore a button shirt AND a watch!

We then stopped at the bank (where there was free popcorn) and went to the car wash. I know...we go all out!

We got the TEN dollar car wash...Jack's favorite because when the "soap" gets sprayed on...one side is green soap...

The other side is blue soap...

and we all know that when green and blue are mixed..you get purple on the windshield - so that is what we like to think!

It was a great date afternoon!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night...

If you didn't know, the Oscars were last night. Jason loves movies and has converted me into a movie lover, too.  So Oscar Night is one of our favorite nights of the year. Jason and I were quite proud of ourselves to get seven of the nine nominated movies watched this year...that hasn't happen since "before kids."

Jason and I use to "do it up more" on this night, before we had kids..such as going over to friends houses, Jason dressing up, movie ballots...etc. Some things have changed, but we do still celebrate the night. Last night we had Hawaiian chicken in honor of the movie "The Descendants."  The boys had hot dogs for the movie "Moneyball" and dessert was vanilla ice-cream with hot chocolate in honor of the black and white movie 'The Artist." 

An exciting addition to the night was Sam!  He filled out his own Oscar ballot and watched the show with us for the first time.  (Maybe it was for "The Artist" sundaes.)  He had fun...he heckled the announcement of best make up being the Iron Lady instead of Harry Potter. "They only had to do one lady...Harry Potter had so many different monsters and creatures. Characters didn't have noses and others had huge ears!" 
Sam filling out his Oscar ballot.

An Artist sundae.
One nomination we were all rooting for was "Man or Muppet" to win best song. We all hold a special place in our heart for those darn muppets!   If you would like to enjoy the song...watch it below. The best part is when Walter, the little dark haired muppet, is singing about being a man or a muppet...watch to see who he would be if he was a man...not a muppet.

Jack watching Kermit and Miss Piggy on the Oscars...love those Muppets!
Of course we watched Live from the Red Carpet on all three channels!  Did you catch what Sacha Baron Cohen coming dressed as the "Dictator" and spilling the "ashes" in his urn all over Ryan Seacreast...wow...that is one that I am sure they will be talking about today!  How yummy is George Clooney and how awesome is Octavia Spencer?

Hope you enjoyed your night at the movies! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Heart Shaped Pizzas...

For our Valentine celebration, we made heart shaped pizzas.

Sam created a meat lovers...

My mom had Italian sausage...

My sister putting on her sauce...

My dad making his FIRST pizza!!

The pizzas turned out yummy and were a big hit!

Another successful dinner by me!! (heehee)

A quick Valentine hug from Jack!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sleeping Saga Continues...

Remember how Sam was (and is) sleeping in Jack's room?
Then Jack booted him out for about 3 nights.
Then Sam was welcomed back in Jack's room...

Well, when Jack has a bad dream, he throws his blankets on the floor from the top bunk...
(Jack's hair is WILD with curls after his bath!)

...so he can sleep on the floor right beside Sam.
So now jack is sleeping on his floor.
(Jack being Jack)
So now neither boy is in their own bed.
Sam has been in jack's room since December (minus the 4 nights he was kicked out.)
I get the feeling that neither boy really minds the other brother being close by at night!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy 96th Birthday, Grandma Darlene!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Moose on Monday...

For Valentine's Day, Moose got to go to the "spa."She hasn't been there since before her "accident."

She had pretty pink bows on her ears, but shook them off by the time I got there to pick her up.  So we decided that a "collar" bow would be a better idea for Moose.

The groomer evened out the hair on each of her legs.  The right leg was a lot "hairy" then her left leg. 

Now you can't even tell she  had surgery on her leg!  She looks so pretty!
After this picture, Sam said, "OH MY...I can hardly stand the smell of Moose!"
"What do you mean?!?!?  She smells AWESOME!!" I told him.
"No...she doesn't stink...she smells like an entire bottle of perfume!"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Helping a Friend...

This is the cutest little video on how a baby squirrel was trying to follow a big squirrel over a wall, but the wall was too big to conquer on his own. You can almost hear the big squirrel cheering on the little squirrel. It might even bring a tear to your eye!! enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday Morning...

Jack got up Sunday morning, put his robe on...grabbed the paper...and drank come coffee. Perfect way to start the day.
All he needs is an ascot and a cigarette!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!!
We've done several things to "prep" for this day...

My sister helped Jack do his valentine's. Can you tell that Jack had a busy day? He looks kind of tired!

Sam's class is having a Valentine box contest.  Jas and Sam created an ISU end zone for friends to "punt" or "kick" their Valentine's into his box...we will let you know how he does!

Sam practicing his valentine kicking in his box! Like the yellow goal posts and orange tee...actually it is called the "V-tee." OH MY!! while proof reading this post, I noticed there are no yellow goal posts...definitely will need to take a better photo of the VD box and share later!!

Jack made his Valentine bag at school, but joined in the fun of making "homemade" boxes...he said he needed a box for all the Valentine's he will get at home..hmmmm...

His is a basket that goes from the green pole to the hole on the other side where the Valentine will "drop" in...pretty clever!

So, you put the Valentine in the basket and send it down the zip line to the other side..where you need to take it out of the basket and put it in the box...it's the thought that counts!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Moose!

Thought I would share a few fun photos of the other girl in the family...Moose!!

Here she is waiting at the top of the steps...not because she can't do steps, but she just wants to make sure it is worth her while to go down the steps...because if we are coming back up, then might as well just wait for us at the top!

Have you seen the new commercial where the dogs are dressed up (just a little) as different Star Wars characters and they bark the Star Wars theme?  Moose couldn't take her eyes off the TV screen...ears all perked up and she was intense!!

People are always asking, "Why is her name Moose?"  Her first family named her Moose because they wanted a big dog...a girl dog..and name her a boy name.  Hence the name Moose.  She is a big dog...she is as long as Jack is tall!

She always has to be in the picture. Here Jack and I were modeling our ISU sweatshirts and blue long underware (I know...I SHOULD start a fashion blog!!)  She was sitting right beside me, putting her paw on my leg!

The boys were putting their new Legos together and Moose was right in the middle of all the action. 

Her "bum" leg is almost 100%.  If you would see her, you wouldn't know that she can't bend her left leg..until she wants you to pet her belly or rolls on her back.  Then it is a bit obvious because it sticks straight up in the air!

Because of the warm weather last week, she has decided to shed her winter coat...hair everywhere!! UGH!!  I brushed her and brushed her, gave her a bath, brushed her some more and then decided to trim up a few longer hair areas...such as her ears.  This is a close up of her ear...as you can see, I cut it very short and very choppy...she now has an appointment at the groomer.  (reminds me of when I would cut my own hair and call my hair dresser begging for her to get me in!)

Moose with one of her favorite chew toys..a chicken.  Or what is left of her chicken. My sister's cats, Stella and Mable, gave Moose this rubber chicken for Christmas.  Moose sat down and pulled off the legs, the arms, the head and the eyes.  She actually made a little pile of chicken parts.  She now loves her chicken...because it is just the way she likes it!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The First Snowmen...

The first week in February and we FINALLY go to build snowmen!!

The snow last weekend was perfect for building snowmen.  The boys built these on our patio...I just LOVE these little guys!!

Here is a close-up of Sammy's. 

This is Jack's little guy. His eyes remind me of Jack's!

While taking pictures, Jack turned a took a bite out of his snowman's cheek!  Why...WHO KNOWS!! very Silence of the Lamb of him!

Can't wait to scrapbook these pictures!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Little Ice Pack...

Remember how I shared how the boys liked to wrestle??
Well, the other day, the boys were wrestleing...and Jack got a rug burn under his chin.
That stung!  So he decided to put Mr. Frog (which is our kid ice pack) on his chin.  Well, you can't play video games while holding an ice pack on your chin, so he came up with a plan...

Mr. Frog held on his chin with an Ace bandage.

I don't even know what to say....