Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer has started...

What's the best thing about summer vacation?
No alarms and sleeping in! 

Sick Buddies...

Last week Sam and I were sick buddies...we both had strep throat and boy we were miserable!  Sam woke up with a sore throat and I thought it was just a scratchy throat from allergies and being outside.  That afternoon, he made himself a big cherry water and said, "Mom! You have to try this out!" So I did!  Next day, I woke up with a scratchy throat. Long story short, we both ended you in the doctors office that afternoon with the diagnosis strep. Lite the test up like a Christmas tree! No school or work for 24 hours. So Sam and I hung out the next day playing games, watching TV and taking our meds! Sam recovered faster than I...Oh to be young again!! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Climbing Party!

For Sam's birthday party, we loaded up a bunch of cool kids and headed to Climb Iowa!

Check out the grin on this kid.  I am not sure what it means!!

Once he was all belayed in, he was off! Jack loves to climb, but he is naturally afraid of heights and will can climb about two stories high and he matter what wall he is on, it is almost the exact height each time.

Sam, as you can see, has no problem with heights!  His only issue is sore hands and forearms!

All the boys' hands were sweaty, so we got a chalk pouch and had Jack strap that on. He was designated chalk boy! 

As you can imagine, Jack was plenty chalked up through the night!

 Sam challenged himself and tried a wall with a jut-out.
Here Jack is balancing on the Death Star from Star Wars.  It is a little higher than two stories! Yea Jack!! As you can see, he was pretty uncomfortable and as soon as we took the picture, he repelled down.

 Towards the end the boys hands were spent. So, they played a game called "shark attack." They laid on the ground and our host would yell, "SHARK ATTACK!" and the boys jumped on the wall and hung there. First one to fall off was eaten by a shark.
I can pretty much say, with confidence that Sam was eaten A LOT by the shark!

 After climbing, we headed to our house for cake, ice-cream, presents, running around outside and then a movie!
The party went so smooth because the group of boys that came were all such good kids! It was a great evening!
Sam later told me that he could climb everyday,
but only for about an hour!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Steps to Batting and Pitching...

A friend of ours coaches baseball and spent a little time with Jack the other day coaching him on some new techniques, as Jack put it.

Step 1: Squash the bug with your right foot and square up to the base, hence the tapping the bat to the base.
(Maybe step 1 should have been tie your shoe!)
Step 2: Relax.

Step 3: Wind it up.

Step 4: Eye on the ball and swing...
...and hit!!
Yea!! Jack got a single!
Everyone after him got a hit so Jack got to run to home!
He loves that!
I was just pleased that he didn't trip on his shoestring!
 Now to share the steps to pitching!
First, you need to dust off the pitcher's mound.

Step 2: Get ready. Put your chin out a bit for intimidation.

Step 3: Wind it up.
Check out his fingers on the ball! New technique!

Step 3: Whip it through.
I do think the coach beside Jack is saying, "Was that a team season fastball with a circle changeup pitch?"
Got to love the baseball season!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

20 Things We Should Say More Often..

Jack kept asking me to watch a video with him. I kept putting him off thinking it was another Minecraft video...(All the movement in those videos make me sick to my stomach!) Anyway, I finally sat down and this is what he shared with me!

After it stopped, Jack looked at me and said,
"Isn't he neat. He is so positive."
I was honestly speechless...for a couple of seconds.
Everyone should watch this t every day and try to say these things more often.
Thanks, Jack for sharing with us!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where's The Ball?

Jack's baseball season is in full swing. (haha..get it..full swing!)
I actually caught the baseball in each of the pictures...can you spot it? 
No, it's not in this one.
Jack is looking at me like, "Really are making a game of my game?"
Oops..missed that one.

Hit it, but it popped up...foul ball!

Look closely!

Another hit, but another foul. Darn it!!

Nicked this one.

Oh darn, missed this one too!
Oh well...
How many tries do they get? Well, a kid pitches 4 balls and if the batter doesn't get a hit, then the coach pitches 4. If they still do not get a hit, then they are considered struck out.
Wait until I show you the pictures of when Jack was pitcher!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Sad Day...

Sam and Jason went to a movie on Saturday night.
I got his text from Jason when he got to the theater.

Our little guy is growing up and I am not the only
one that it brings a tear to the eye.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sam's Birthday...

Sam is turning 12 today.
*sniff*  *sniff*
I can't believe he is going to be 12 today.
*sniff*  *sniff*
Anyway, we had a little birthday party last weekend for Sam. His side kick, Jack, was right beside always!

Jack was right beside him while Sam opened his cards.

Jack was right beside him while Sam opened his presents.

Right beside him when Sam opened up boxes!

Right there to help him figure out the gifts!

 He even guided Sam on how to open a present properly.

Suddenly, Jack had to tell us a story. There is a girl at school who can put her foot out and stick her little piggy toe straight up in the air! Sam was mesmerized...and ok that it was during his present opening time.

And then Jack showed us what he can do!
At first I was disgusted.
And then I kid is flexible!
When we sang happy birthday to Sam, Sam conducted us and jack emphasized the sound "H" in HHHHHHHHHappy Birthday while getting very close to the candles....hmmmmm.

 Though these two can pick and pick at each other. Drive each other crazy, but I really don't think either one would have it any other way, being with each other whenever they can, especially on their birthdays!

Happy Birthday, Sammy!
( can two boys with the same parents look so different?)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Found Little Guy...

Jason and Moose were taking a walk around the yard...checking out the yard, the house, I guess, checking out our "homestead."  Moose went over to our bench, sniffed at something and went on with Jas. Something caught Jason's eye and he looked back and saw this little guy!

Moose had actually "sniffed" this little baby Barn Owl! It was just sitting under our bench enjoying the nice evening. I have no idea why Moose didn't try anything with the little guy. *phew*
It sat there most of the evening and then as soon as the sun set, it was gone. I assume it's mom came and got him...and then he was grounded for going out early and when she woke up he wasn't in the nest and she has been worried to death! But she was so relieved to find him and that he was ok.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some Family Pictures...

The other day we got together to have an early celebration of Sam's birthday. I haven't taken many family photos in some time, so I thought we might as well do it on this day! It took about 500 minutes to get the pictures. It would have taken 10 if people, a specific two, would have been a bit more cooperative.
 The boys and Aunt!
 The boys with my parents.
Jason, his mom and the boys.

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted one family picture.

Not too bad for the five of us.

Another try...

Oops. Jason caught my "frustrated" look!
At least we got a few good ones!!