Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not a Fun Disney Ride...

I think the picture explains itself...but if you are wondering...
this is the Dinosaur ride.  While waiting to board, you watch a little video explaining how we are about to go get a dinosaur from some cave.  You get in this expedition car thing and take off.  It goes dark and you have no idea what is going to happen. It is like a mini-roller coaster, but your car also shakes side-to-side. Suddenly, LARGE dinosaurs come out of the walls and ROAR at you...several times..and they get pretty darn close!  Then to finish it all up you go through a large asteroid shower.. As you can see, it scared the hooty out of me...and Jack!! Where's is Jack?  He is sitting right beside me..the blue hump, so to say.
 After getting off that one, I knew I could safely say that I wouldn't be riding it again!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Pictures...

My LAST Disney disc came yesterday. This is the disc of photos that I ordered from Disney...they were taken with our photopass.

At Disney Hollywood Studios...

Meeting Pooh..LOVE how Jack is all snuggled up to him!


Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom...

Magic Kingdom...all decorated for Very Merry Christmas!

Magic Kingdom...Sam stressed about a few rides!!

Magic Kingdom at Very Merry Christmas...the castle looks like ice!

While Jas was riding the Tower of Terror, we just pretended that we were!

There were almost 300 pictures on our photo pass...get ready for more Disney!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Here I Come!

Now that thanksgiving is over and can go do something I am really good!

My mom and I made a trip to Target on Wednesday night. We wanted to see if we were prepared for our day long shopping today!
When we walked into target, they had all these boxes lining their aisles for Black Friday...I got goosebumps!
I am not a die hard Black Friday shopper and get up at 4am, but my mom, sister and I head out in the morning and shop ALL day! It is so much fun!
So I am off...wish me luck!

PS: Jack asked me last night, "Mom, are you going shopping tomorrow at Macy's for Dark Friday?"

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Remembered...

These are pictures from last year. I cannot remember exactly what was happening, but it might have gone something like this....

"Boys, I would like to show you the things that are inside the turkey. First, is the heart."

Sam is suddenly having flashbacks to the movie Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom where the guy takes the heart out of a live person!
My mom is digging for the next specimen to share.

"Oh Nanny! Do I have to learn about that?!?!?  Was the turkey alive when you did that?"
Yes, that would be a statement from Sam...sometimes his logic leaves him at times of stress.

Sam in the background, "Oh Mom!! Is Nanny going to take out my heart?!?!?"

"Now I would like you to see the lobes of a turkey heart close up.  There will be a test after dinner."
Jack is starting to get a bit interested in all of this...  

Sam has about three more seconds before he will have to run to the bathroom...where's Jack? 

I should have known!!

Sorry about that is a bit exaggerated! I should have just posted this picture, but how can i resist??
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back to Hollywood Studios...

Day 4...

Started the morning swimming in the pool. While the boys swam, I checked the multiple texts I received sharing about the four inches of snow in town! Believe me, it made swimming by the pool that more enjoyable!!

We caught a bite to eat before more site seeing and touring!
(Sam chews like his mother!)

Caught a tour at the Back Lots...watched several different special effects shows...

Got on a bus/train to tour the back lots...

This is where all the princess gowns are created...we did not see any princesses on our trip...except in the parades. Wonder why?

Another special effects show...there was an earthquake and we all shook...

The semi blew up along with a huge gas tank...

Which caused an enormous flood...we didn't get one drip of water on us!

Saw old Star Wars ships...very tiny!

There is a "Hollywood" walk of fame with different starts signatures...the boys are standing on Samuel Jackson's!!

That night we went to see Fantasmic. We were told to get there early...I think we succeeded!

At the end of Fantasmic, all the characters come out of the mist on s HUGE ship...even Steamboat Willie was driving the vessel!

Another Magical Day!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting to Disney...

Overall, it was pretty uneventful

The boys the night before going to Disney...pretty darn excited!

We finally got on the plane after having to throw away Sam's large hair gel (too large) and Jack putting a sippy cup full of water in his bag!! Liquids are NOT good when going through airplane security!

Our first flight went to Memphis and then to Orlando. On the way to Orland, the 18 month old girl threw up and then proceed to fill her diaper...This is Sam's reaction. Notice he is reading the emergency information...just in case.

Sitting with jack can get long...

Finally on the Disney Express Bus to our hotel!

And then to our hotel...we stayed at the Wilderness on property. Fun hotel to stay at!

We had heard that there will be Mickey decorations in our room and we were not disappointed!
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mickey's Very Merry X-mas Party...

On the third evening, Disney was having their first Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party of the year...this wasn't on our agenda, but who can pass up a Christmas Party..Not us!!

Magic Kingdom closed to all who did not have a ticket to the Xmas did they manage that? You got a wrist band and had to show it crossing over certain areas and if you wanted to get into a restaurant or bathroom!! No wristband, no service...clever!

We had to have some celebratory hats!!

The first thing you saw when walking into the Magic Kingdowm was the ice...absolutely amazing!!

Our first stop was a dance party with Pluto...

and Goofy. Check our those moves on Sam!!

We also got to see a rare spotting of the seven dwarfs!!

The line to get a "real" photo with the dwarfs was LOOOOOOOOng, so we took our own photo!!

Off to another dance party with Woody, Jessy and Bullseye! Look at jack's moves...both boys get those moves from their dad!

We had COMPLIMENTARY cookies and hot chocolate!!

Watched the Christmas parade..beautiful!

Off to watch the fireworks and Jack fell asleep before they began. No worries, all he needed was a power nap and he rallied for the amazing fireworks show. Non of us had seen a show like that before...truly magical (did I really just say that!!)