Monday, November 30, 2009

For MaryKay...

I am doing some projects for my friend MaryKay. She just had knee surgery, so she won't be able to see this month's poster, so I told her I would put it on my blog for her to check out. I made a Christmas tree by tearing 4 different shades of green paper and then gluing them on poster board...I really like how it turned out. (Even Jas said, "Cool tree," while passing by!)

I tried to show the tearing a bit closer...

The boys and I went to Memory Bound and cut out these Christmas lights with their die-cut machines. It went very fast with all the help!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sammy and Jackie Appleseed...

Jack came in the other day to get some water...he had an apple for lunch and decided to plant the seeds and they needed some water. Sam dug a the middle of the yard (middle of 3 acres!) and Jack dropped the seed into the hole. Here Sam is telling Jack were to pour the water.
Pouring the water.
And now checking if the apple tree is growing...I think something will grow there next year and I hope that I can pass it off as an apple tree!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm back!! I know you have missed me! (hee hee) We FINALLY are connected and things are happy and good at our house, once again. I am planning on getting you all caught up on my moving adventures in the next couple of day. Until then, this is a picture of me (extremely tired, but determined to get caught up on my important computer work!) in my new scrapping spot. My corner is a mess at this time, crowded, but I like where it is the sunroom. (now if we could just get some sun!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


No pictures today, just a word to say that I am still here. I plan on getting pictures up as soon as I have Internet to continue my important computer work.

As I have already shared, at this time we dp not have Internet or phone. I am going into shock and the shakes have started, without the Internet, so I have taken up getting 2-3 Starbucks a day to help get the jitters under control - costly!

We have no phone, so I am using my cell phone, which I am not a good cell phone carrier. I put it down and then forget where it is or I leave it in the car. So if you call, just leave a message.

We have no mail. I changed all of that 2 weeks before the move and the mail people "never got" the info. So, now we must wait another 7-10 days. The only good part is that when we do get it, it will be tons of it and then I will feel popular!

We have no dryer. The plug-in blew up. Now I have loads of wet laundry that I will need to take to my mom's or town.

We do have an awesome laundry shoot. There is one in the upstairs hallway AND the kitchen wall. The boys have LOVE throwing things down the shoot. We have had to put a halt on "hard" items. Too painful on the heads.

We do have a new TV that was hung on the wall by the night we moved. We do have direct TV which was installed the next morning. We have a HUGE attached garage that is heated. We have another HUGE 4 car detached garage witch is also heated. But, I don't have a garbage disposal.

And...we do have mice (which I will refer to as little customers) that love that I don't have a garbage disposal. I will update that later, because at this time I am off to buy some really good traps.

Overall, the move went great, we are getting settled in, the boys love it and it is beginning to feel like home.

Hope to be back on by the beginning of next week. If not, I will go into work again and blog from there...the girls there understand my pain from not having a computer!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Getting ready to move continues. The boys' beds are now down and they are sleeping on their mattresses on the floor - which they LOVE!! Jack calls his mattress his trampoline and as soon as it hit the floor, he was jumping on it. As you know, it didn't take long for Sam to join in...and how could I not take pictures!!

Don't worry, Sam did not run into the wall...see Jack under the table in the lower right hand corner?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Almost time...

I have been packing and packing. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but then I still have to load, unload and unpack the boxes!!

My scrapbook room is done. Here is a shot of my empty (almost empty) room.

My very empty scrap room closet...

and my very full living room of boxes!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A few projects...

Last week I finished up a few Christmas projects that I was working on...
The saying down the middle of this little number, is one from The Grinch.
This is my "Joy to You" hangie thing. The round coaster at the top is the "o" for the word "joy" as the round coaster at the bottom is the "o" for the "You." Jason read it differently...He read it vertically...can you see the "Joy to You" that way, too? (I wish I could say that I was that talented!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Need some ideas...

I am trying to stay ahead of the Christmas I have been making list after list. Now if I DO anything on any of theses lists... Anyway, one thing I try to do is have the boys do an "activity" each day to get ready for Christmas. I made the above box last year, but it is WAY packed away and I have NO idea where it is and I don't think I had the boxes full of ideas anyway. So, I started a new idea list for the boys and I really need some help to complete the list... here is what I have so far (these are random, not in any order):
1. Make an ornament (or 2 or 3)
2. make cookies
3. write a Santa letter
4. wrap present (s)
5. make xmas cards
6. watch "Christmas Story"
7. watch "The Grinch"
8. watch "Charlie Brown Christmas"
9. watch "Polar Express"
10. Buy a Christmas book at Borders
11. make hot chocolate and read a Christmas story
12. Visit Santa
13. Camp under the xmas tree
14. Go to a holiday/Christmas show
15. make xmas chain to count down the days
16. Jolly Holiday lights

I need 8 more ideas...
I would do some snow related things, like build a snowman, but I can't count on the snow...I don't count the tree because it is put up in November...sometimes. So if you have any ideas..please share!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recovering Nicely...

My mom came over (AKA: Nurse Nanny) and fixed Cooper's arm. She brought her own needle, thread and scissors. During the entire procedure, the boys were completely and uttery transfixed on what she was doing. At one point, Sam asked her, "Is this what you call......sewing?"
Well, Cooper is all fixed and Jack is just pleased beyond words. He looked up at her and asked if something happened to Cooper could she fix him if Cooper's head fell off.....
Cooper is so excited to have working arms again!
He can clap!!!
I decided I am going to have mom come over next week and do some things in the kitchen so the boys can ask her...."Is that what you"

I do need a dose of June Cleaver!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tirck or Treat!!

Halloween was a success even thought it was 30 degrees, blustery wind and drizzle. Jack lasted about 30 minutes and then headed home. Sam, though, was on a mission. He wanted to stay out until the end, which is 8:00. He came real close...we headed in about 7:45 so he could sort and trade candy with Jack.
Sam was Commander Fox (a good storm trooper from the Clone Wars.)
Jack was Mario...his mustache would not stay on, so I ended up drawing it on...which was just alrighty with him!!
Before trick or treat, we had our Halloween dinner. Hot dog worms, bread stick witch's bones and cheese string Frankenstein fingers. Yum, yum, yum.
Sam dug right in...Jack would NOT eat the food. He would get a "worm" to his mouth and then close it tight and say, "No way." Like my sister kept saying, it is all in the presentation. I made him another hot-dog, chips and a cheese stick...he had that eaten in about 2 minutes!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween...

On Saturday, the adults (as Sam said) got to celebrate Halloween and headed to a Halloween Party...we went as the Scooby-Doo Mystery gang.
Shaggy's hair is going to be used as Don King hair next year! Love Velma's socks. Scooby's suit was a bit snug. And when Fred puts on Velma's glasses, you have Andy Warhol!

Then, when we got home our friendly neighbor left us a Halloween prank!!
As he stated, "Game on!" I'll keep you updated!!