Friday, January 31, 2014

Now THAT is a Sour Face!

Sometimes Jack needs to entertain himself (and me) between Sam's basketball games.
This day he told me, "I am going to eat all these sours at the same time!"
My response, "OK. I'll take a picture."

When he started to chew, it wasn't sooo bad.
Oh yea, now the sour hit him!
And I started to giggle!
It was a good way to pass some time!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Habit Forming?

So, one night with Miss May and Jack thinks it's the best ever to have your dog sleep with you!
The other night, Moose moseyed into Jack's room and Jack quickly invited her to come sleep with him!

Again...Moose are you sure you want to sleep with Jack?

Gosh, I don't know...

but since I am almost asleep, I might as well stay put! didn't take long for Jack to decided that Moose took up too much of the bed and she was back on the floor!

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Sleepover!

The boys had a sleepover the other night. Not at a friend's house, but a "sleepover" means Jack sleeps in Sam's room!
 "I'm not sleeping in your bed with you!" Jack stated, "You grind your teeth!"
Sam quickly explained: "I didn't want you to sleep in my bed! You can sleep on the floor!"
Well, Jack didn't hesitate. He had soon created his bed "nest" and was all snuggled in for the night...on the floor!

Oh! An "unexpected" guest that would hate to be left out on any of the fun!

Moose...are you sure you want to sleep with the boys?

I will take this as a yes!
"Moose is taking up my bed!" said Jack.
I told him that she was like a bumper pad and he wouldn't
roll into Sam's dresser!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

No Words Needed...

This is my absolute favorite tee shirt.
When I wear it, the boys will say,
"I think mom will be taking a nap today!"
They are usually 99.9% right!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jack's Super Suckers!

As soon as I saw these Taylored Expressions Super Sucker dies (that I got at Memory Bound) I knew that Jack would love to make them for this years Valentines for his classmates.
I was struggling for some blog material, so I asked Jack if he would be willing to demonstrate how to create a Super Sucker.
Well, you know he went to set up his "stage." I must warn you, this is HEAVY with photos...Jack was the director and I was...well, I was the assistant.
After getting him a cup of coffee (haha) we were off and creating our photo shoot!
Jack first gathered the supplies he needed and laid them out in an organized manner.

Jack is going to be using the following supplies: Taylored Expressions Super Suckers die and stamp set, acrylic block for stamping, white paper, score tape, pop dots, color stamp pad of your choice and ribbon of your choice. OH...and blow pops!

He will also use the Big Shot for die cutting. He has chosen to created a Super Sucker with green goggles and a purplish cape.
Step One: Place the paper you will be making the cape from onto the Sizzix magnetic board. Jack placed his cape die right in the middle of the paper. Who cares that we have 23 more to make after this need to save paper!

"The Big Shot is so easy, I don't even have to watch what I am doing!" That is until he cuts his finger!

Oh! We have another assistance, Moose!  She is never far from us...especially when we are crafting!

The cape is now cut.

Now it is time to cut the mask.

"Is there anything I can get you, Little Buddy?"

Mask is done!
Next is a big decision Which emblem to use for the super hero?

OH! Suddenly a flash swept through the room and under the table. Never fear! Moose is here!'s just Sam practicing his new into my scrap room as fast as you can, slide across the floor on your bum and right under the my table. It startles me EVERY TIME! Jeepers BOYS!!!

Oops...I digress...back to work!
Jack chose to use the "Batman" symbol to use on this Super Hero.

The stamp color of choice is blue.

 Notice, again, that we are not going to save paper!
Next step is to cut out the emblem with the circle die cut that came with the Super Sucker set. 


"Just checking in on you Little Buddy! Didn't want you to think I left you on your own!"

Time to stamp a sentiment on the cape. Choices are: You're My Hero or Have a Super Day.
Jack chose, You are My Hero, for his cape crusader.

He prefers to stamp it directly on the cape with black ink.

He then signs the cape and it is done!
Now for assembly...

Slide the cape onto the stick of the Blow Pop. Jack likes to tie a ribbon around the stick to help "secure" the cape in place.

As his mom says in class, "Trim ends to your liking."

Now to secure the super hero stamped piece to the back of the cape with glue dots...for added dimension! 

Looks good, Jack!

Sam is now out from under the table, eating all the blow pops!
Mask time!
A little score tape, 1/8", works perfect to adhere the mask.

Jack decided that the mask seemed to "float," so he drew a smiley face with a sharpie marker.
Safety Sam states, "I would NEVER eat that sucker now. That sharpie will soak through and then you would be eating marker!" Thanks for your input, Sam.

Ta Da!

One proud little guy!

"Look, mom! My area now looks like yours when you scrap book!"

And, 40 pictures later, Jack has 2 Super Suckers completed.
Only 23 more to create!
Hope he doesn't appoint his assistant to the job!