Monday, January 31, 2011

An Eventful Saturday...

Saturday was one of those days that everything kept happening each time I turned around...

The weather was so nice (35 degrees) that the boys decided to head outside. They were out there for about 2 hours and then our doorbell rang...

First, a little background...the boys would be outside playing and come to the front door and ring the doorbell CONSTANTLY...for absolutely nothing..."Look I have snow on my head...Look, I have snow on my gloves...Look, My cheeks are a little red..." So I made the rule they cannot ring the front doorbell unless someone is hurt, sick or bleeding.

 So, back to the story...the doorbell rings (this better be good!) and Sam is standing there with his cheek and chin all skinned up.
He and Jack were sledding down a hill by our driveway.  (since it has been warm, the snow is all gone on the driveway.)  Sam headed down the hill (face first...pretty smart) and hits his chin on the cement...which hurts, so he turns his head and scrapes his cheek.
Nothing a band-aid can't help.  But i can't help but wonder that when he hit his chin, why didn't he bring up his head instead of turning his cheek??

And then at dinner....

Background...I cannot stand loose teeth.  Thank goodness Jason is willing to deal with lose teeth and pulling teeth, because that is one (of many) things that I just cannot stomach. Something about pulling out a tooth along with some gum just about makes my stomach reverse...or even worse...the statement.. "The only thing that is keeping that tooth in is a little thread!" 

So anyway...we are at dinner. Jack's tooth has been lose for weeks and he is just working it at the table...sitting right beside me.  Jas looks over and says, "OH JEEPERS JACK...That thing is just hanging there!"
In which Jack replies, "I know...I am breaking those little threads one by one so it will come out!"  I look at Jason with pure terror in my which he knows what I am thinking and he proceeds to giggle...

So  I look the other way, trying to picture a clam blue ocean in my head....when I really want to run into the other room and put a pillow over my head and hum so i can't hear the conversation...but that wouldn't be very adult like...or mature...

Jack decides to check his lose "threads" in the bathroom mirror...and Jason follows..thank goodness!  That leaves Sam and I at the table...and just like in pure Sam fashion, "Oh you think he will be alright?  Do you think it will hurt him?  Do you think he will cry?  Do you think he will bleed?"  I looked at him and stated, "With this one Sam, you are really going to have to ask your dad because I don't do teeth."  He looked at me like I had just dropped him off at the corner and told him to find his way home! I just smiled a bit and shrugged and said, "Sorry." 

So amazingly, Sam went to the bathroom...with the other men of the house....and soon Jack came out...

Ta Da!!  Jack  showing of his little tooth...yea!!
He opened his mouth and ugh...blood!!!
But, I can handle that little bit of blood..."Here suck on this napkin," I advise him!!

and when it was all over, Jack has lost his first tooth and has a nice space...which is perfect for fitting a straw into and drinking his root beer!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Sharon!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Snowbird!
Hope the weather in Tuscon is nice and warm for your birthday!
We miss you!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Funny..

You know the 5-second rule...if something drops on the ground and you pick it up before you count to five, it is still safe to eat.

Sam dropped some raisins on the floor and counted to five...he had not picked them up by the time he got to five.
He looked up at me and said, "5-second rule...guess I don't have to eat those."

The boy is too quick on his feet for his own good...glad I had more raisins!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


On Sunday we finally had our alcove completed!

This is what the area has looked like since the builders finished.

Ta da...and now it is a "alcove" area with a bench and shelves...still need to get some carpet for the stairs.

The drawer comes also comes out...the bench can hold up to 400 need to do my yoga anymore! :)
Plans are to put a handle on the drawer, hooks in the large area for hanging items and I have wire baskets to put in the shelf area.

The boys were also very excited to have the area completed!
(Actually, it is like a new stage for mini performances!)
Does jack ever have his clothes on?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Boys and Their Boxes....

I brought home some extra large boxes, from  work, for the boys to do with what they you can see, they had a great time!

Sam started his remodeling right away...he was so excited and stated, "I've never been able to fit in a box! This is great!"

A stuffed dog, a pillow and a...piece of fabric is always a must for a comfy box.

Sam LOVES duct tape (he can make a mean duct tape wallet)...and was able to build a shelf with sides!  Perfect for holding Lego people....

If you cut off more of your box you can make it into a shelf...perfect to hold the DS and a small origami football (which was made in school...he's keeping me proud!)

Must have a spot where we can put REAL mail (like mail from the mailbox)...a few random toys and Sam was good to go!

And now a tour of the house that Jack built...of course his new monkey, Nick, had to be included.  We had to make a "hook" (from Duct tape) for his balloon to hang from...

A monkey book (that my friend Linda made him), a mailbox - which you can put anything through...and a nutcracker which also doubles as a door knocker.  And what is hanging on the opposite side????

...that's what I thought!  A pair of monkey underwear, clean ones, and a pair of mismatched socks. When I asked why he had underwear on his box, he told me that is his wrestling suit...WHAT????

Jack also made a shelf to hold his Lego creations, a Veggie Tale movie and a "fake" plug-in for his DS cord.

Here is Jack enjoying the house that he built.  Oh - and his pjs for the evening are close at hand!
Who knew that we could have hours of entertainment with a couple of boxes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Addiction...

Anyway you look at's an addiction...

Both of the boys have Lego Harry Potter for their DS games.
The other day they played on them non-stop...

They discovered new spells to put on their villains....they can make their heads grow super large, have them throw-up a green blocks, make them dance, have them fly upside down or turn their heads into so much more!! Each one brings huge belly laughs from the addicts.

What a great educational experience for them...another parent award for me!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Robber!

Someone tried to break into our house the other night...through the vent!

Actually, Sam placed his gloves on the vents to dry them out...and then he and Jack would yell, :Look a robber is trying to get into our house!"
Fortunately, the robber hasn't been able to fit through the slots of the vent!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday Night Pizza...

In our family, Sunday night had always been pizza night. Jason and I have continued that tradition. Instead of ordering out last week, we decided to make our own...

Jason use to work at a Pizza place and loves to pull out those old skills....the boys were in awe!! Later I said to Jason (in a fun joking voice), "You feel pretty cool when you throw that pizza in the air, don't ya," He looked all silly and said, "Yea...I do feel pretty cool when I pull that one out."

The boys spread their own sauce on their crust.

Sam then asked to put hamburger on his pizza. Jason reminded him that Sam had said that he didn't want hamburger for his pizza, so he didn't make any. This is what Sam looked like when he realized that he wasn't going to be able to have hamburger....don't worry all you grandparents, I made up some hamburger for him to put on his pizza!

Jack with his finished cheese pizza. He actually ate his pizza, too!
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strega Nona...

Last weekend, jack and i went to the play Strega Nona and the Civic center.
It was very kid friendly show and Jack loved it!

We first made a Big Anthony hats.

He then colored a Strega Nona picture which was turned into a pin for him to wear.  he was very impressed with the "pin" maker.

Jack and I before the big show...check out his Strega pin.

At the end of the show...there was spaghetti all over...Jack loved that and suggested that we go to fazolis for lunch!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Snowman Family...

On Sunday, the boys were outside for over two hours...the 35 degree weather felt like a heat wave!
Jason helped them create our snowman family...

It's hard to see, but here are the 4 of us...Sam, Jason, me and Jack.

Jack and...Jack. He stretched his hat to make sure it would fit the snowjack...yea.

And here is Sam and...Sam. On Tuesday, Sam was getting ready to go to school and and asked him where his stocking cap was...
he said, outside...with the snowman.

And this is a close-up of me. Jas said when he spotted this...dried twig...he knew it had to be my hair.
 "It looks just like you in the morning," he shared.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Little Readers...

i love to read and i am glad the boys do too...

After we pick out books at the library, Jack likes to sit in this big blue chair and read his books!!
(love how his feet are crossed!)

Here the boys are at Barnes and Noble....we pick out books and sit down to read them (and decide which ones to buy!)
(There are two fraps because my mom was with us!!!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

What I am Working On...

I shared with you that I am taking an online class to learn photo shop. Some of you have inquired about what class I am taking. (still no one has inquired about my mint chocolate chip cookie recipe!) You can go here to learn more about digital classes.

So this is my latest project...."10 Reasons Why I Love You."
I am done with Jack's and in the middle of working on Sam's.

It will be an 8x8 book. One side will tell why I love jack and the other side has a "matching" picture.

It has been fun to work on, but I I do know now that I won't go straight digital scrapbooking, but it is fun to play!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rock n Roll!!!

Sam got to dress up as a rock n roller for school...well, we started to get that perfect outfit ready right after school...
Once Sam, and of course Jack, were all "punked" out, it was time for their Rolling Stones photo shoot!

This is one my favorite rock n roll!

Sam's outfit included a tattoo sleeve, chain necklaces, a spike bracelet (that he got at Monkey Joe's :)), a few skull tattoos and one barbwire tattoo drawn on by his aunt later that evening. Oh, of course, spiked hair, which is out there for Sam. Can you tell Sam loved every minute of this!?!

Oh, and a knuckle rock n roll.

Caught jack rocking out with his tattoo sleeve...

Wait, the phone is ringing...I think it might be Rolling Stone calling for me to do Mick Jagger's photo shoot!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Monkey...

Jack got a new monkey...

For Christmas, Jack got a GC to Build a Bear. Well, he wanted the chimp which you can only get online. So we order it, unstuffed, and it came by FedEx! Jack was so excited to get his flat chimp. So, of course we had to go to B. a B. and get the little guy all fixed up. His name is Nick...long story. This was Jack playing his leapster, in his monkey pjs, with his new monkey socks on while Nick watched on...

Look at Nick's little hand...

Why the hoodie? We spent all our money on our new kitchen, siding and roof, that we can't afford heat the house. heehee
No...he was just cold.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh Crap Jar...

Since we, meaning Sam and I, have not been able to cure our vocabulary of the phrase, "Oh, Crap!" We now have a "crap" jar. When we say it, we must pay a quarter. (and I really have tried to not say it!) This photo was taken after two days of paying...not good! (note to self, never start smoking) I had to pay the first 50 cents. Then my lovely husband and I were having a discussion (the boys were upstairs) and I used the word "ass." When Sam came down, Jason asked Sam, "How much does the word a-s-s cost?" "Defiantly two quarters," he replies. NO own husband ratted me out! So now i am waiting for Jason to lay down a "JC" which is going to cost at least a dollar! (too bad the vikes aren't playing this weekend!)

A friend of mine told me that they use to charge their daughter for leaving wet towels on the floor.

What were you ever charged for???

Oh - my mom use to put scotch tape on each corner of my mouth. I had a terrible habit of "stretching" my mouth. I would open it as wide as I could and it drove my mom wild. So she put tape on my mouth, so that when I "stretched" I would be reminded not to! Nothing like running around the neighborhood with tape on your mouth! People would probably look at me strange and then say, "Oh, it's just Katie."

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Boring New Year Resolution Post...

I am not usually a new year resolution type of person, but I think I got swept up in the moment due to watching too much Today show before and after the New Year and how fabulous I will be if I would make a few resolutions to improve myself. As you can see I am off to a fab start, being that  I am a little over one week late of stating my lofty here we go...

1.  I will  not pull my underwear out of an uncomfortable position in public. 

2.  I will not say the word the front of Sam...I was charging him a quarter every time he said it. (especially after saying it during his speech at school...yep, laid out the word, "Oh CRAP!" right during his speech...who says that word, Sam???)  BUT, I have fond that I owe Sam quarters for saying that word...we have solved the mystery of where he picked up that one! Phew!

3.  I am going to keep my email box cleaned up.  Even if I have 40 different "boxes" to organize my emails that I have not gone back to read for over 4 years, but cannot bear to delete them.

4.  I am going to learn how to sew.  Not like I am going to be on Project Runway, but I am going to try to sew on paper for my crafting.  I bought a sewing machine two years ago...and I still can't get the bobbin threaded. It might help if I took it out of the box...if I could find the box I put all the parts in.

5.  I will not giggle when Jason states, in February, "I think this is the year the Vikings will go to the Super Bowl.  Seriously, Katie, I think they will."

So maybe I won't be doing numbers 1 and 2, well, maybe not number one..I may lose valuable shopping may be a bit overwhelming, but I will put forth a valiant effort...wish me luck!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Cool!

October Afternoon is a great scrapbooking company that has awesome paper lines...the other day, the sales manager stopped at our store and then we were featured on their web site! How cool is that!  Check it out here: October Afternoon.

Then Dawn, from the store, was featured on Melissa Frances (another big company)
Check out her mini-album here: Dawn's Amazing Xmas Mini.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Latest Class Assignment...

As requested by my photoshop instructor, I must share my finished here it is. You can click on the picture to make it even bigger to see more details!! I have been enjoying the class...I download everything and then go through it at my pace. Will I ever go straight digital..nope! (just like I said i wouldn't go to an e-book...heeheee.)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Just a Little Note to Explain...

This is pretty funny story.
I shared with you my cookie exchange disaster in making mint chocolate chip cookies here.
Well, my dear friend, Janet, froze all of her cookies after the cookie exchange,  knowing that her daughter would be home for Christmas and lots of kids hanging around the house...lots of hunger, needing a snack kids. The other day, she brought out the cookies for the kiddos to enjoy. Here daughter asked her, "What are those green ones?" Pointing, much to my amazement (not really) to my mint chocolate chip cookies. Janet kindly explained to her daughter that the cookies were good, but that they didn't turn out exactly how Katie was hoping. Janet then went on her way...
When she came back to the kitchen, her daughter had left this note beside MY cookies!
If you can't read it, it states:
"The green cookies are mint choc. chip."

I have several thoughts about this.
1. I find it pretty funny, it does sum up my experience with cooking mint choc. chip cookies.
2. A bit mortified that she would have to explain my cookies to hungry 19 year olds that will eat about anything.
3. Janet told me there was only one left...that means out of that entire platter, there were only three brave, hungry, eat anything kids that tried them out.
4. Maybe only one hungry person ate all three cookies.
5. If everyone really thinks they are so good, why hasn't anyone asked for the recipe? :)

You got to love it when your cooking sparks conversation after conversation....