Friday, September 28, 2012

Diggin in the Garden...

The other evening, the boys headed to a friend's garden to dig and pick some veggies!

Who poses on a compost pile...better yet, who ASKS my boys to pose on a compost pile???

Sam digging up some carrots!

Then Jack's turn.

The boys first successful dig! the hats where provided by the master gardener himself.

Jack's dig...these carrots are HUGE!!

They brought home ALL these carrots..lucky us! But, they weren't done yet...

Next, the kiddos picked ones, red doesn't matter!

Pick, pick, pick and pick.  All these came home with the boys, too!!

After all the "picking"  they had to visit the garden mascot! 
The boys loved every minute of their visit to the garden! the way, does anyone need some carrots or tomatoes??

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So Close!!!

Sam's football game on Sunday, was SO close, but we just couldn't pull off the win.
(Please bare with me and my "bragging")

When Sam was lined up for kick off, I yelled at him...and he looked..and I go the picture of him looking at me!  Yea Me!

Sam got a fumble recovery..he is the one in the Orange on the ground!

Way to go, Sam!!

In the second half, Sam was double team...again.

At times, though, he still was able to get through the line.

I felt bad for the QB having these two lineman coming at him...

When Sam is listening to the coach, he tilts his head!

The game came down to the last play.  We needed a touchdown to tie the game. Our QB threw the ball to our player in the end zone and unfortunately, he dropped it. So close!! We could have used some replacement refs!! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Football Sunday with Jack...

Sunday was much better when it came to football. The vikings won and so did Jack's team!  (More to come on Sam's day)

Sam watched a bit of Jack's game before he headed to his own game.

Jack was suppose to get the ball handed off to him.  Unfortunately, Jack forgot to grab the ball and ran right past the QB. He then turned around and headed straight back to the QB to get the ball..The kid on the right had already pulled Jack's flag...I guess it had become obvious who was to get the ball!

Unfortunately, Jack missed the hand off..Check out the kid on the right..he is just standing there with Jack's flag that he pulled about five minutes ago!

On another play, Jack got a pass. He dropped it. Oh well.

Third time is a charm! Jack is going to get the ball handed off to him...again.  You can see he is trying to visualize how he will get the hand off.

Visualization must work for him, because  he got the hand off AND held onto it!!

He SCORED the extra point!!
He even add a little drama to end...good for him!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last Saturday...late afternoon...we headed to Ames for a little tailgating (with fun and fabulous friends!!) before heading to the football game.

 The weather was absolutely perfect for the festivities!!
For this picture, I had to take advantage of the tailgating background, but unfortunately, the boys were looking directly into the sun.  Our friends car is directly to the right of Jack's hat...the perfect spot...straight down the hill!

When jack saw the tailgating parking lot, he asked, "IS THIS THE IOWA STATE FAIR?"

Jack LOVED tailgating!  The band went right by us!!

A rare family photo...May have to use this as our Christmas card!
Jack is a bit "ruffled" He was busy running up and down the hill and camouflaging himself!

In the stadium, we sat on the hill in the SW corner.  I LOVE the beginning of ISU games...the tornado sirens are going off (because of the Iowa State CYCLONES) and great PUMP YOU UP music!!! Sam even shared with me why the team is the" cyclones"...random bit of information (just like his daddy!) and I have forgotten why...will have to ask him again!

Jack was a bit concerned about the tornado sirens....

You get to watch Paul Rhoades and the team walk from the locker room to the field on the Jumbo tron. LOVE THAT!!! ("The jumbo tron at this stadium is 100% bigger and better than the one at the Vikes games," Jas points out each time.)

The stadium was PACKED!!!

Since we were siting towards the bottom of the hill, it was quite steep.  Jack enjoyed sliding down the towel for entertainment.

Sam and Jack attempting to get some jumbo tron time by flexing their huge muscles!!!

Sam and his friend spent some time down by the fence watching the was just like they were on the field!!

Once again, the band stood right in front of us and played.  Jack was super excited!! He asked if I had a pen so he could get some autographs!!

It was a perfect evening AND the Cyclones won!!
Jack, as well as we all did, had a fabulous time!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Jack and Some Football...

Jack had a game on Sunday...

Jason helped with the sticks (yard markers.) He was super excited about that.

Typical Jack look.

Just doing some stretching while coach shares a play.

Time for a break and a drink.

"Wow, dad. If mom had her camera over here...she could get a great picture of the number...don't you think, dad?" (Actually I think Jas was reviewing how to catch a ball 101 with Jack.)

Another typical Jack look...or he saw some cutie on the sidelines.

Oops..Sorry.  Didn't mean to tackle my own guy.

Oh ya...wasn't suppose to tackle you...that's why we have these flags on. want me to do what??

A helpful hand from the coach...again. It was "one of those days."
So, that wraps up our exciting Sunday of football.
Thank goodness the Cyclones won on Saturday!!!