Friday, October 31, 2014

Thursday' Pictures...

This is usually the point during the week where I give up. Too many photos and completely overwhelmed! But, not this year...I will continue!!

I don't think I explained this whole week in the life very well, because my sister said, "Why is it such a big deal to take three pictures a day?"  I told her that you take all the pictures you want of the entire day! For example, all the pictures I took on Monday will go into an album under "Monday." All the pictures I took for Tuesday, go in the same album, but on Tuesday. So at this point I have four days of pictures to print off and I have only printed three of the umpteen that have taken. Then she kindly reminded me that I am doing this to myself and stop complaining. 

So, I will stop complaining and get busy!!

Here are Thursday's pictures and stories. It is a bit of a public service announcement!

 Today I had an appointment with my dermatologist. Check out the brown spot on my cheek...sunspot from too much sun when I was younger. I put TONS of make up on it and thought it was time to see if i could get something done about it. Plus, I needed and all over body check of my moles.

Waiting for my Dr. who also happens to be my best friend since fourth grade..we were inseparable through our school years and went to college together. 

(Side question: When you have to wear the gowns at the doctor's office, how do you put your clothes on the chair?)

I ended up having three moles removed. One of concern that she found on my back. If it comes back "bad" I go back in and they will take more skin out around the removed mole area. If that doesn't work, then I go back and the doctor will "follow" the bad stuff/cells: basically, you go in and they cut out the path of bad cells until they think they have gotten them all. It can leave a bad path of removed skin, depending on how far and long the doctor has to cut. I am sharing this so my "younger" readers will think twice about going out and sunbathing with out sunscreen!

I also had my sunspot worked on. In this picture is is a large pink blister! (What is up with my red eyebrows!)
By the end of the evening, it looked like a big brown witch's mole! It is nasty!! Since the skin wasn't broken, I can TRY to cover it up with make up, but it then looks like a big brown nasty mole that I have tried to cover up with make up!

See all those white spots. That is my skin turning against my pigment. Basically, super bad sun damage!! My doctor pointed out my white areas on my hand, which I hadn't really hadn't noticed. Eventually, I will have large white patches on my arms.
 Sun damage!
Sun damage! 
Sun damage!

 This is a close up of my nasty wrinkled sun damaged wrist! I had this white spot frozen, too. It is one of those white spots that had gotten a thick callus over it!! I thought it was a wart. Nope.... got it from SUN DAMAGE!!

So I guess my public service announcement is to use sun screen and take care of your skin. I can tell you from experience, that you may look good now with a tan, but it's not a bit pretty later!!

OK. I am now done with my public service announcement.

 Here are other things about the day...
On my sun damaged wrist, I always wear my favorite bracelet. It is in the shape of Maratha's Vineyard. I got it for our anniversary this summer while we were on the island!

Jack always turns on my seat warmer without me knowing!! My rear and back start to get hot and sure enough...he's done it again!!

Jack's left over nest in my bed from this morning!

My calendar arrived for the 2015 year! I am over the moon excited about it! Will share more later on this lovely organizer!

My sister stopped by to drop off some Halloween treats for the boys!

 Picked up Sam from school. Yep, he is running between the cars. Not living up to his name "Safety Sam!"

Went trick or treating and had to wear a hat so I could position my hair over my nasty "mole." Dealing with my sun damage on a cold night!

Speaking of trick or treat...the boys had a great time!
Jack went as a Ghost Buster! 
His costume was ALL his idea. The kid always has a vision for his costume and it turned out great!
We finally got the slime on the outfit!!

He cut off the top of two propel bottles and duct-taped them to a pair of goggles and spray painted them gray. He also created his own name tag!

Love how the slime is hanging from his proton pack!

Sam went as a Duck Dynasty wanna-be.

 Doesn't it look like I have a 70's backdrop behind him!!

Sam and his buddy! I couldn't decide if they looked like Duck Dynasty guys or ZZ Top!

We have reached a mile stone. Sam went trick or treat with a friend and really didn't need anyone to walk with them. Jack went trick or treat with a different family and an older brother took Jack and his friend, so I didn't need to walk with him either. It was kind of sad, but I kind of liked it! Friends had tents up for the neighbors to gather in with TONS of food and you know where I was!!

Oh...and guess who's birthday it is today....
Happy 12th Birthday to this lady!!

Unfortunately, Moose isn't doing the best right now. She overindulged herself with ball chasing on Monday and has paid the price. Moose has the beginning stages of neuropathy. This is common in goldens. Basally, it is a nerve thing which causes her back legs to go out on her. She will be walking and her back end suddenly drops because her legs have give out. She played hard on Monday...thinking she was a spring chicken and in doing so, has irritated her lower back nerves. The vet says it doesn't hurt her, but it hurts to watch. It brings a tear or tow to my eye!  She has been resting ALOT and she is a bit better. She is very hesitatnt to go up even one step and barks at us because she is frustrated. We are so lucky that Moose entered our lives and will "live it up" today for her birthday!! And by living it up, we will buy her a little doggie cake and give her extra belly rubs!!




Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 3

I am proud to say that I am still taking pictures on day 3 AND have printed out THREE pictures for my album! Yea, me!!

I will jump right into Wednesday's stories! 
Definitely not as many pictures today!
This is a reflection of my car!!

My once a week treat...lunch from Blimpie's!

I worked today and we are in full swing for our holiday open house this weekend! Wrote a welcome sign to welcome all our customers!

Helped create a "Merry Chip-mas" (get it) Santa with a Pringles can!

Mom picks up the boys on the days I work (love that!!) Today when I got home, she was busy reinforcing Jack's costume so it won't rip out on him when trick or treating. She's the best! 

Sam headed up to the school football game. He was being cantankerous. Our team who though!!

Jack found some possible spirit mittens to wear for the Vikings game!

Jack and I had pasta for dinner.
Gives a chance to for him to talk about anything he would like to share. Tonight he shared facts about the heartbeats of hummingbirds, whales and ground hogs.

He said, "Mom, let me take your picture."
This is what I got!

Jack worked on putting slime on his Ghost Buster costume. Last night we spent time putting "slime" on wax paper. Then is dawned on me this am...the puffy paint we used to create slime on the wax paper is FABRIC paint. DUH!! It would work right on his FABRIC costume!!


Sam and a friend are going as Duck Dynasty want-a-bes.
Sam loved his new look!

He seems very comfortable...maybe too comfortable!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday Pictures...

I am still going storng-ish. Today I took a few more photos for my "Week in the Life" mini album than I took yesterday. So that raises my awareness level a little bit!  While taking these photos, I thought, "Now I have to figure out how to scrap them!" But, I remind myself, simple simple!! I am determined to get this one done!

So here are Tuesday's pictures and a little story for each of them. Remember, these are unedited!! I am editing them for my book and cross you fingers, that I will share those with you later!
When Jack gets up in the morning, he goes straight to our bed where he eats breakfast and watches Curious George.

Taking Jack to school at 7:40 am.

When I get back from taking Jack to school, Sam is up dressed and ready for breakfast - if he hasn't had it yet. Today I made him pancakes!

It never fails that Sam has to put his shoes on in the car when we take off for school at 8:10.

I don't have a full length mirror in our bedroom, so I use the shower door!

Moose ran out of all her meds, so I picked up her refills!

Sam's unmade bed!

Boys got their flu mist today!

While doing homework tonight, Sam just cracked him self up over and over!

We worked on Jack's Ghost Buster Halloween costume.

Trying our an idea on how to create slime for his costume.

Boys downloaded "still movie" on the ipad and spent two hours creating a movie.

The name of the first movie filmed by the Belding Bros Movie Inc. 

Ended the night with Jack reading and Sam watching the World Series in our room.

It was a busy day and we got a lot done! Yea!
Darn it. I am starting to get a bit stressed about the amount of pictures of have!!