Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Day in KC...

For spring break, we headed to Kansas City for a long weekend.  We all love to go to KC...walk around, eat at favorite places and enjoy the amazing weather!!
Jason' birthday is on St. Patty's Day.  Every year for his birthday, we head to McDonald's and he orders a Big Mac and a Shamrock shake. (Jason and his dad use to do this every year.) Jack loves Shamrock shakes and enjoys the tradition, too!  (the shakes are too minty for Sam and I!!) 

We finally got to our hotel room where Jason and Sam checked on the March Madness basketball games.

Jack played the i-pad!

Sam's birthday is coming up and I am wondering what this boy could possibly need...any suggestions??

After a quick rest, we headed out to the Plaza for some shopping...the boys always find a spot to "chill" and wait.

We ate outside as much as possible.  Sam shared all the "characters" he could draw on his glass of water...

Jack trying the glass drawing out...

"I don't see anything, Sam."

We always rub the nose of the big boar...good luck for a year!! (and it's right outside the North Face store which takes up a lot of Jason's time!)

Heading back to our hotel after a successful day of Plaza walking!! 

Jack was our map guide the entire way back.

The boys read a new magazine we found at the book store.  It's a Lego magazine and has loads of ideas of what they could build!!  it's amazing how they can get along one minute...

...and then the next minute jack is all upset because Sam is on his side of the bed!  We even put a sheet down the middle of the bed to "separate" the bed, but that almost caused more problems...see how "Sam's sheet is on the separator!!"  Ugh...it was good when everyone finally fell asleep!!

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