Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil...

A friend shared this with me and I have watched it several times...I can't decided if it is just plain mean or one of the funniest things that someone thought of!! While watching, my friend and I couldn't decided what we would do if put in this situation...I do know that I would wet my pants and I am pretty sure i would try to pry open the elevator doors. Enjoy.....


One thing to remember is that the elevator doesn't ever move up or down...that is why the gal is able to listen to the people in the elevator.  Plus...that little girl is a good actor! She could be on Walking Dead!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Putting Up the Tree...

Over the weekend we got the tree up and decorated...I don't mind putting it up, it's the taking down and putting away that gives me the willies!!!

Jack got a head start and unpacked all the ornaments...he hung them with care on the rung of the table.

The boys handed us the "puffed up" tree branches while Jason and I worked on getting the lights on well...(mostly Jason did the lights.)

Jack loves to put the star on the tree...

This is what it look like from far away!

As you can tell by Jason's face, Jack needed to hurry!!

Ta Da!!! Looks good jack!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Ornaments...

Each year, the boys get a new Christmas ornament.

This year, Jack got a Paul Frank monkey.

Sam got an Animal from the Muppets.  And Moose got...

Seriously Moose!!  I held up her ornament to get a picture and she tried to eat it!!!
Needless to say, we had to hang it up high on the tree!

Later, she laughed about trying to eat her ornament!
"Wasn't it funny when I tried to eat the ornament you gave me!!"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Pictures...

Since the weather was nice...the kids were "dressed up" for Thanksgiving and I had a person to take pictures (my sister) I thought it would be the perfect time to try to get a family Christmas picture!

This was a pose Jason suggested..seriously?? What???

Sam grew an extra arm out of his back to help keep him upright.


This is how excited Jason gets for family pictures. 

Yes, Jack thought this would be a good one!

A bit windy and someone drove down the lane and caught the all the boys' attention.

When we were almost done, I noticed that Jack had a bunch of gunk on his face!

We finally did get a couple pictures that worked for a Christmas card...but, it sure wasn't easy!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Go Cyclones!

With no school today, the boys headed up to their first ISU boy's basketball game last night!!
Before leaving, Jack asked, "Now, is this an indoor activity or an outdoor activity?"
During the game, they made it onto the jumbo tron two times!! The first time, they were dancing with Cy and the second time, they were jumping to the song "Jump! Jump!!" That's my boys!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spa Day!

Moose had a spa day to get herself spruced up for for the upcoming holiday. No "pigtails" this time, as Jack calls them, but a beautiful silk pink scarf. So Moose!!

Spa days wear Moose out! It takes about 3-4 hours to get this beautiful and she isn't the young lady that she still believes that she is! She was one worn out lady!!

That night, Moose laid by Sam's bed while I was tucking him in. She didn't move for the rest of the night!

Our Own Ice Sculpture...

Oops! Someone forgot to turn off the fountain when the temperature fell below freezing last week!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Seriously, Moose....

Look what Moose brought us now!!
Last week a rabbit and this week a small buck.
HeeHee...just kidding!!
Our neighbor is a big hunter and he (obviously) got himself a deer!  The boys wanted to check it out, so off we went! I thought it would be cool to post a picture of the boys with a dead deer...bummed they wouldn't grab hold of the antlers! Maybe next time. (I am so kidding about wanting to take this picture...I think this is all wrong!)

(partial) Funny story:
This is a long story, but I will give you the "highlights."
Our neighbors were in their hot tub.  Moose was out roaming around and went into their yard. She sees our neighbors in the hot tub and goes up on their deck to say hello.  They greet Moose! "Hey, Moose!"  Moose shakes a hello, looks down and proceeds to take their slippers that were sitting by the hot tub!!  The neighbor leans over the tub trying to get Moose to give him back his slippers. Moose thinks it's time to play a game! Back and forth they both go...Moose jerking just out of reach, while the neighbor leans forward.  Everyone loves the slippers!  Our neighbor finally gets Moose to come near and he lunges for his slippers..unfortunately, he lunges a bit hard and dislocates a rib. (oh no)  Well, he was a excellent sport about it all and says this is about the fourth to fifth time he has done this to that rib. I think for christmas we will get them some hooks to put on their hot tub so they can hang their slippers safely from four legged slipper loving dogs!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I apologize for the nastiness of the pictures today.  I wondered if I should share these photos or not, then I thought of the many people that have posted pictures of the kiddos holding up a dead deer by the antlers and stating how proud they are of the child.( You know who you are!) So, I thought a headless two legged rabbit might actual be "subtle!" 

I was doing important computer work and saw Moose walk by the sun room windows. As i looked up, I saw legs bobbing up and down from her mouth.  Now, you must know that Moose has FAKE pelts that she likes to carry around and my first thought was that she had one of those in her mouth.  Then as I watched her, I thought to myself, those legs are a little plump.  Great...she has a critter in her mouth. How do I get it out of her mouth???

 As I always do, I headed out (after texting everyone I know the picture!) with a dog treat in hand.  She immediately dropped the rabbit and came for the yummy treat. (Each time Moose brings me a "yummy" I give her a treat.  I am thinking that she is starting to believe that she will get a treat in exchange for something dead from the woods. i am just waiting for her to bring me a turkey!)

So now, Moose is inside and I have a headless rabbit by my front door. What do I do? If i throw it in  the ravine, I think Moose would get it Jas (who was in Phoenix at this time..of course!!) told me to get a shovel and put it in a box. OK.  So off i went to get the shovel...I had a leftover box from Jack's robot costume, so all supplies needed.

The other end of the rabbit, from the opposite view of the first picture, was not pretty.  I heard myself let out an, "EWWewwwwEWWW. swear word."  I put the box down, as you see in the picture, put the shovel under the rabbit, closed my eyes and scoop! When I opened them...the rabbit was in the box. (all new eye opening meaning for "Jack (rabbit) in the box!") again I put the shovel in the box to push it upright...again, with my eyes closed and then closed the flaps with the shovel. 

I carried the box over to the other garage and placed a the shovel on top it...all ready for Jason to deal with when he got home!  I wonder if i should pin the directions on how to box a headless rabbit on pintrest??

Friday, November 9, 2012


While cleaning, I noticed this picture was about 2 inches away from the wall on the right side.

I pushed on it in an attempt to make it flat against the luck.

The previous photo really didn't show how far away picture was from the wall, so I decided to put my wrinkled, elephant claw like hand under the picture to help in your visualization. 

I looked behind the picture...and thought to myself, "Seriously?"  The culprit...a Lego spider handing, from the nail that also holds up the picture.

One guess of which boy decided that this was a good place for his spider to hang. What did I do?  Put the picture right back where it was...covering the spider.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Crafty Afternoon...

Jack was at Memory Bound the other day and this count down Santa caught his eye.  Since buying it, he has been dying to put it together. So the other day, he headed to the craft area (AKA the basement...that had a mouse) to work on his Santa. 

Diana, from work, created these fabulous countdown Santa kits. (Which you can still purchase at Memory Bound!) Jack will glue a cotton ball to Santa's beard each day.  Once the beard is's Christmas!!  The kit was extremely user friendly and Jack was able to put it together ALL BY HIMSELF!!  I highly recommend it for the little ones in your life!

He was so proud!
 (I thought we might have to get for November and one for December!)

While Jack worked on his Santa, Sam had to create a ballot booth board for school. (He is still in his James Bond tee shirt.) The school had a mock election and Sam participated in process of setting it up and running it on the day of the election. 

 Sam's "booth" is actually a tri-fold board which states, "Vote Wisely You Must" with a picture of Yoda holding an American flag. (Thank goodness for my Cricut machine!!) He, too, was pretty proud of his creation!  I just love craft days...or actually craft hour!   

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bond...Belding Bond...

Last weekend, Jason thought it was time to introduce the boys to Bond..James Bond. So the three of them sat down and watched the first Bond movie...Dr. No...from 1962.  I thought the boys would be bored, but they loved it!

And you guessed it, right after the movie, they dressed up as mini James Bonds.

This is "Bond" after a fight. His t-shirt is all torn up.

Re-enacting a fight scene.

In the movie, James Bond has a hanky in his pocket.  Jack used a piece of Sam's t-shirt as his pocket hanky.  Perfect for a nose-blow, a shake and back into the pocket.  Little did Jack realize that Bond did not use it as a Kleenex, but to dab the sweat off his head!

The perfect Bond looks.

Glad that when we had lunch they didn't ask for anything shaken...not stirred.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Football Done...Basketball On...

Sam was asked this year if he would like to play on a basketball team..The Sonix.  The team is made of eight boys, who are, honestly, really neat boys that are enjoying the game and hanging out with each other.  He was really excited to be basketball season has begun for us. (and for you too!!) 

Monday, November 5, 2012


So I am taking laundry down to the basement.  As I am walking down the steps I see a MOUSE (YUCK AND NOT AGAIN!!!) run from underneath the steps across the floor and under the door to our closet cellar.  I shrieked and yelled, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOUSE!!!"  All three boys came running.  (well, maybe not running.) Sam and Jack just wanted to see a real live mouse and Jas...well he's recovering from a run that he did and so he limped to my rescue.

Jason looked into the closet and nothing there. (Obviously!) So i insisted that he set traps...and NOW!!!  After he set the traps,  I shut and locked the closet door.  I also put a towel in front of it, along with boxes and bags full of magazines. I must have carried on a bit, because at one point Sam said, "Mom, I don't think I have heard you swear this much in my entire life!"

 I had planned on spending the day cleaning up my scrap area and doing some kits...which is in the basement...which now has a mouse in it.  How was I going to be able to spend the day down there with that little germy thing...I KNOW!!  I went and got Moose and made her sit by the door and be a watch dog!! Worked very well.

Before the kids got ready for bed, I told them they should go check the mouse traps.  I went upstairs and moments later heard, "WE GOT IT!!! MOM!! WE GOT IT!!!"  Life is good and I have a call into my pest guy as I write this!!   

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting the Costumes Ready...

This year jack decided that he wanted to go as a robot for Halloween.  His idea was to put on long underwear and then put duct tape all around himself.  To me that sounded like a big bathroom catastrophe, so I talked him into using boxes...which I wasn't 100% sure wouldn't be some sort of emergency on Beggar's Night.

But boxes it was.  One for the body...

and one for the head.  My challenge was to get them to balance on his body.  Not working so well in this picture.

We decided to use dryer venting tubes for the arms.

He was very specific on how his face should look.  Small eyes and a lined mouth. At this point, he is not happy because you can see his eyes.  He wanted to put LAYERS of cling wrap across the eyes so you wouldn't be able to see them. That, too, was something I was able to talk him out of doing...must be safe on Halloween and be able to see the steps as you walk up tot he door to get candy!

So, part one is done.

 Spray painting the boxes was next.  I used a bight metallic silver spray paint (you can get ANY color of spray paint now...oh the possibilities of what I can spray paint!!)  Jack helped with the spraying. He coated them VERY well.  Definitely needed an overnight to dry.  At this point, I just need to duct tape the boxes together and cross my fingers that Jack will be able to walk on trick or treat night!!

Sam's was a bit easier.  He decided to wear a morph suit.

All I had to do was zip him up! (So slimming!)

Why purple..he wants to wear it to a Vikings game! I love it...Jason not so much!

Moose was a bit bothered by the purple man on the couch.