Monday, June 30, 2014

Junkn' in June!

Ever get the urge to redo the decorating in your house? I have been going through that for about the last three weeks. I knew I wanted to change things up, but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, so I had to wait to be inspired.
Sam had a sleep over at a friend's house and I walked around her house. She has a lot of the same taste, loves color and vintage mixed in with the new. I was inspired, so off I went shopping! I spent an entire Friday shopping going to TJMAX, Target, even Homemaker's, but I didn't find ANYTHING! I finally gave up and told myself I would just go to some junk stores.
Well, I was able to stop at one in Ames, "Tangerine Zebra" and a local junk store, "Past Time Treasures" and hit the jack pot!
I have looked everywhere for a pedestal table. I wanted to put one near the front door. The area is open concept and the space needed something. Found the perfect table for 40 dollars!!

Love the shape, the legs and that it was paint needed!

Picked up this already refurbished yellow chair. It fills up the "dead" space by my dresser in my bedroom just fabulously! I am adding just a little bit of yellow to this room. I was tickled to find a yellow chair with a new gray (which is the other color in this room) reupholstered seat!  Nice and sturdy, too!

Saw these cute little yellow rain boots and knew right away they were going to be mine!

I have been taking the red out of the sunroom area and adding more yellow. Loving the brightness and such an easy change up with pillow and flowers! The trunk is actually Jason's dad's and we have used it for a side table. Thought it was time to give it a more substantial area to fill!
My friend, Janet, gave me six trays that her grandmother had. I have spay painted some, but I loved how an untouched one fit perfectly as a table tray! I have seen these trays everywhere lately!

And this is the jack pot! An old red bike in excellent condition, except for the flat tires...which will be fine for where I am going to be putting it.

Love this ride!

I am going to put it on top of our book shelves! Won't that be great!  It will fit the space perfectly and such a different piece to have in the house.

There were LOADS of fence pieces at one junk place...for cheap! This piece is at least 6 feet long and had the perfect wear!

It looks great in the backyard! I am planning on getting at least two more pieces of fencing for other areas on the patio.

I've added a few thing to my crafting area too. Check out the boxes under the table on the right side.
These boxes  held four starter flowers in the plastic containers. I got each one for two dollars! Cleaned them up...

Hot glue gunned Tim Holtz knobs to the front...
...and they are now the perfect ink pad and acrylic block holders!
Had some friends over the other night and they were drinking "Snapshot" beer. I loved the bottle, so I rinsed it out...
...filled it with water and added a few flowers.
Love the addition right beside one of my vintage cameras (which I have been obsessing about lately!)!!
I am still looking for a few pieces and can't wait to go out hunting!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Sleep Overs!

It's summer and that means sleep overs! Not necessarily sleeping over at a friends, but sleeping anywhere in the house except in your own bed!
For instance, Jack made a nest to in sleep beside our bed when Jason is gone.

They sleep in the basement. Notice the Batman pillow? That is Jack's. Notice that Jack is sleeping opposite of everyone else!

They have even crashed in our extra room. Throw a bunch of sleeping bags down, add a couple of pillow and blankets...perfect and dreamy!
At one point Sam shared that he had not been in his own bed for over a week! No problem! It's summer!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ISU Basketball Camp

The boys had ISU basketball Camp this Monday and Tuesday. I think they learned some new basketball things and worked on their shot, but I was more interested in getting the boys' pictures with the players!  Success!! Let me show you my amazing pictures!!

Daniel Edozie

Naz Long
Mr. Cutie Putie and Sam

Mr. Hottie with Jack

Dustin Hogue

Monte Morris
Sherron Dorsey-Walker
This was Jack's small group coach.

And the new kid Jameel McKay

He's very tall.

A group picture with Clayton Custer and Matt Thomas.

Back to the camp...the boy's did love it! Jack's team won the Money Ball game in their division, hence the medal. He is SOOO proud of it!  They both got ISU basketballs and had them all autographed up by the players and Hoiberg. They also received free red ISU sunglasses and free tee shirts. I would say that it was a pretty good two day camp!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Not for Christmas!

I thought when we were in Hilton Head, that we would be able to get that perfect family picture for our Christmas card this year. SO much easier said then done. So I decided to share a few pictures that will not be on our Christmas card this year!
I must share, that my subjects aren't the easiest to work with.

Jason and I wanted a picture of the two of us, so Jack gave it a try. A bit more of us would be good. Talk about humidity! Check how frizzy my hair is - I just did it AND used hairspray that claimed "good in humid weather!" HA!

We now have a bit more of Jason and I in the picture.

Someone very tall stopped and offered to take a picture for us...hence why we are looking up! All except Jack.

Second try. The guy even said, "I think we have a winner!" I think he just didn't want to work with my subjects!

Another try at getting Jason and I.
No go with that idea!

I think Jack fell asleep against me!

Thought a switch in scenery might work.
Nope...Now Sam is asleep!


We went to a wonderful wedding and tried to get a family picture there...yea...what was I thinking?

I wonder why they have no problem getting a picture while standing and having a cool drink. Let me explain Jack's "relaxed" look. The wedding was on the 18th hole of a golf course and it was a bit hot sitting there. I was chatting with a couple of friends and turned to Jack, who I now noticed had proceeded to roll his pants up to his knees, unbutton his shirt and clip his tie onto his collar,  while pulling a sprig of baby's breath from the aisle decoration to place in his pocket like James Bond. (Really, I looked away for about 60 seconds...the kid works fast...when he wants)  "What are you doing?" He looked at me and said, "It's just so hot." I let him be...we were in the last row.
Did we get a good family picture, yes, amazingly we did get a few goods ones. No, I am not going to share! You will have to wait until Christmas!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sam's Little Buddy...

We babysat our best little buddy, Kellen the other day.
Sam is just smitten with this guy!!
I took lots of pictures, but check out this one! Sam had Kellen tucked right in beside him while watching TV. They both have about the same amount of hair!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good Morning...

This is how Moose will wake me some mornings...

It starts with a little whine.  
Just a little "you up yet?" whine. She will do this a couple of times, just to get my attention.I then open one eye. I have to be careful not to move or look at her or I will get the...

"Oh good your up! Would you like to play ball today? I have a whole new bag of tennis balls...this is the one I picked out for today. It's not my favorite, but one of my favorites. If you don't want to play ball, I can just breath on you right now with my not so good breath, even though you give me those good dental sticks...speaking of dental sticks, it's time to eat. can you get me breakfast..."
Might as well get up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Princess WHAT?

The boys and I decided we were going to make ourselves some pillows, so off to JoAnn's we went. While waiting to check out, the boys got the giggles...I turned around and thought, "Oh My!"
An entire row of Princess Poopers! Interesting!! I didn't take a close look at how the Princesses work, but as they proudly announce on their packaging, they poop candy. You wind them up and while they walk, they poop. yum.
Now the blonde and the dark hair girl look like they are a-okay with their pooping, would probably be one that you would buy...maybe.  But the princess in the purple, well, she just doesn't look too good!  Probably not the one that I would choose to poop out my candy. She looks like she is either constipated or   had a rough night and isn't feeling the best.  She is actually a shade of green! A better name for her might be Puker Princess. I just can't figure out why I didn't buy one...or two!  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Reading Has Begun...

I have officially started my summer reading. How is that different from my regular reading? I don't know...I read by the beach when on vacation and now when I take the boys to the pool I read. So, I guess that is summer reading! Anyway...
My first summer read was, The Wicked Girls. I don't want to tell to much of the story, but two girls meet one day when they are eleven and by the end of the day, they are both charged with murder. The book jumps from present day to the day of the murder. I really enjoyed the book and it kept my attention.  I would love to tell more, but I would hate to give too much away! It's  great read, with a surprising ending...perfect for summer!
My next summer read, which I read on the airplane and on the beaches of Hilton Head was, Me Before You.
From Amazon:
Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly ordinary life—steady boyfriend, close family—who has barely been farther afield than their tiny village. She takes a badly needed job working for ex–Master of the Universe Will Traynor, who is wheelchair bound after an accident. Will has always lived a huge life—big deals, extreme sports, worldwide travel—and now he’s pretty sure he cannot live the way he is.
I had seen this book on several "must read" lists and was hesitant. I thought it was going to be your typical guy in wheelchair, girl falls in love with guy in wheelchair, guy in wheelchair falls in love with his caregiver. Happy ending. But it's not. I have to say it gives an interesting perspective of someone who is a paraplegic, who once had a HUGE life  and how others treat him now that he is in a wheelchair. The caregiver, Louisa, finds things out about herself too, which is refreshing that is isn't all about Will in the wheelchair.  I really liked this book and it does stick with you. 
I have finished two other books to let you know about in the week to come! Meanwhile, happy reading!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Birthday Bombers!!

Last week we celebrated mom and Meg's birthdays with a Mexican fiesta! Chips, salsa and tacos!! I even got out our new authentic, straight from Mexico hand painted margarita glasses!
A toast to the birthday girls!
But, as I looked closer, I thought,  "What is that coming out of Megan's glass?'
A much better look at the little photo bomber!!! Didn't even see him until I was looking at these pictures to post on the blog!!

I then took a picture of the birthday girls...and check out the new photo bomber in the picture!!
We got bombed, but not off the margaritas!!!