Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jack and Kermit...

I have always been in love with the Muppets, but that is a story for another day.  I was so excited when the new Muppet movie came out and last week you could buy it on DVD.  Jack and Sam popped it in the other day to watch it...again!!

Jack got his Kermit to complete his movie experience...

...laying in a box made it that much better.
(Sam and a friend made this box into a fort and jack claimed it during the movie.)

If you enjoy the Muppets, then you will love this movie.

This little guy is Walter.  he is trying to decide if he is a man or a Muppet.  LOVE his t-shirt!!

Later that day, we spotted this coming down the lane....

Jack was obviously inspired by the movie to wear his Kermit t-shirt...and his Kermit stayed with him all day.

Even for a bike ride!

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