Wednesday, May 6, 1970

Another Girls Trip...

Mom, Meg and I are off for our annual girls' trip of shopping and fun!
We will definitely stop at our favorite junk store...The Painted Barn, head to IKEA and then the Mall of America!
Last year we had some sleep issues. Meg is a noisy talker in her sleep...above is a photo of my mom the next morning after sleeping in the same room as can see a little of her pink shirt peaking from under the pillows.
This is has put pillows, blankets and her coat over Meg to stifle her talking!
When mom gets up in the morning, she usually can fluff her hair and she is good to go. Not after a night of sleeping with the talker!!
Meg might not be too happy about this post, but it was one of the funniest things that weekend...until we got make overs at the Este Lauder counter....