Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mario Continued...

Jack - "Mom, I am not going to wash my hair tonight."
Me - "Why not?"
Me - "oh."

The final touch..the mustache or the "musnatche" as Jack calls it...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jump, Mario, Jump!

Jack found his Halloween costume yesterday while shopping...he is going to be Mario (from the video games.) He LOVES the hat. He put the hat on when we got in the car and had it on all day - at Sam's football game, at home, at my mom's and in the tub! If you don't know the video game, Mario jumps on mushrooms...which Jack is demonstrating!! Wait until you see the mustache!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Happy Junker...

Went to a big junk fest in Minneapolis last weekend called the "Junk Bonanza." When I first walked in, I was so happy , excited and overwhelmed. I thought I was going to have to step out for air, then I spotted a picnic basket full of bottle caps...didn't take me long to start digging!! I did a lot of digging and hunting and found some prizes!
This is an old bankers register drawer. The wire pieces flip up (to hold money at one time.) I already have a project in mind...those little wires will be great to hang items from and to tuck pictures. The white bars on the wires have a letter form the alphabet on them. The box at the bottom is not connect to the register drawer. It is one of 5 bread forms, that are connected together (perfect for holding my wood stamps.)
This is a picture of most of my good junk. I love the junk sign. I am going to use the box on the right as a printer's box and put pictures and other do-dads in it...another project idea! I used the wooden box on the top (which I LOVE!) to put all my paints, glues, paint brushes and mists in...worked perfect! The white tool box holds some of my stamps that I use most often. I really like that one, too. Bought several bags of buttons and junk for cheap!!
A close up of my wonderful white tool box. The lid opens and stays up!! I am using the can for pens and pencils on my desk...will need to think of something clever to write on the can. Old stamps...an "S" for Sam and some quotes. The "clippy" items on the left are old perm curlers. I am going to use them to hang pictures from things.
A close up of my favorite item...the one I used for my paints. it is an old farmers box. I washed it out with the hose and each cubby held the water...no leaking...they sure don't make them like they use to!!
Megan scored a very cool and working chandelier and a garden stand.
A picture with Brenda who owns my favorite local junk store, JB Knacker.
oops..forgot to turn the photo. This is a fork bent to use as a picture holder...so fun!!
And my grand prize...an old junked out frame with a "B." It looks great on my mantel!
There are still more photos, but I am beat and need some sleep...after my three hour Bruce Springsteen concert on Monday night.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun Weekend...

On Thursday I headed to Minneapolis for several events:
1. to go to a certification class on copic markers
2. go to the Junk Bonanza (two times)
3. go to the mall (two times)
4. go to IKEA
5. meet mom's ND friends
and to enjoy some girl time!

I was successful at each one!! I will post pictures this week of the different events. It was a great weekend, though I am excited to be home with the boys and sleeping in my own bed!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jump, Sam, Jump!

One thing I love to do is to take pictures of the boys jumping. As we all know, they are very camera shy and don't like to participate much...(yea, right.) Well, the other night we decided we hadn't done much jumping around lately, so I got the camera. The pictures are not edited what-so-ever...but they are so much fun!!

I think Sam looks as if he is sitting on Jack's bed...

My, what a big foot you have!

Who knows what this one was about!! It does make me laugh, though!

Jump, Jack, Jump!

Always one with the props...a power ranger glove and an Indy whip...
"Whip it...Whip it good!"
"Y, M, C, A!!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Night Vision...

Jack has some night vision goggles that we played around with the other night. Number one rule when I was taking pictures, with the night goggles on, was STAY VERY STILL....as you can see, one boy had no problem...the other, well, does that surprise us??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Football Game...

Not feeling very wordy..too busy and so much to do this week!!
So here is today's blog... quick and to the point...

Sam had his first football game on Sunday. He was the QB and loved it.

Sam' fans....

Sam's coach...AKA: Jason.

The end.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Way to Go Jason!!!

Jason has been training to do a triathlon for the last 2 months. Yesterday was the day and he was fantastic!! Warning: loads of pictures!!

The race was at Big Creek (nice clean water - NOT!) This is the first leg of his triathlon..swimming 500 meters. (he is at the back of this picture)
Just so you don't think he was in the back of the pack, here is anther picture of him running into the water...he is in front of "Orange Man" - that is how I kept track of him..

Here he comes out of the water and heading into the second leg...biking for 14 miles.

Jas just ran by us and said, "I thought I was going to drown." Here he heads down the shoot to put on his biking gear...only 14 miles!!!

At the beginning of the last leg...running a 5K or 3.2 miles....still looking pretty good!! Was even able to give us all some high fives on the way by... stud...
A famous person spotting...our very own channel 8. Kevin Cooney!!

Jason coming down the last hill of the the race...
And across the finish line (with the famous runners "stop watch" move!! )
He did!! Congratulations Jason!!
Jack wanted to give Jas a hug, and then noticed that he was dripping...so instead he whispered congratulations into his ear...

Sam and Jack hung out at the beach during the swimming part of the race..

Jason wanted to finish in one hour 30 minutes...he ended up finishing in one hour 23 minutes!! He finished 8th out of 24 in his age group (35-39) and overall finished 77th out of 277 competitors! I am so happy for him!! He is already planning for the next one...oh my.

You can check out his official race results here:

Jason Belding Race Results

(it takes a moment to load. Then type in "Belding" at the top by the little magnifying glass)

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of Preschool...

My youngest started preschool yesterday....he LOVED it!! (phew!!) The entire "process" went very smoothly for Jack (and his mom.)Below are the "serious" first day of school pictures (jack wearing his gold luck green.) Will post the more "Jack-Like" pictures soon. First words out of his mouth after preschool, "I made a new GIRLfriend...Sophie." Only Jack.

(who is this...oh ya, it's ME in a picture!!!)