Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pool time...

The cooler weather hasn't slowed down the boys' pool time...

Sam just decided to wear a t-shirt in the pool!

Sam is now able to do some super cool tricks!!

At least jack wore his pool shirt!

Sam got out to do a splashy cannon ball and I noticed he had his SHORTS on..NOT his swim trunks!  Why? Sometimes I just don't even ask!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Lawn Ornament...

TA DA...A new lawn ornament..or a critter caller as I refer to it!

We had some friends move to St. Louis and their backyard is one big hill.  They would not be able to use their pool, so they asked if we would want need to ask twice!!

We put it up on Saturday and started to fill it at 3:00 Saturday afternoon. It wasn't full until 7:00 am on Sunday.  the boys couldn't wait to get in the at 8:30 Sunday morning...we headed out!

Jack took the plunge first...and Sam followed!

It was a race to see who could get out first...the water was SOOOOO cold!

After a few more pool tricks...

Sam announced that he couldn't feel his legs and got out.  Jack was not far behind! 
All this fun lasted about 15 minutes top. While walking in jack asked if I could fill the pool with some warm buckets of water. I told him unfortunately, the only warming of the water will be the sun.
I have yet to get in needs to be warm.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High Trestle Trail Bridge...

I haven't had a working bike in some time!  I was to get on for Monther's Day 2011, but that didn't happen.  So finally the other day, Jason decided it was time for me to get a new bike and I was ready to take the plunge!! Well, "we" couldn't wait to go on a family bike ride, so off we went to the High Trestle Trail in Madrid on Monday.

Jack rode tandum with Jason.  He loved it (once he got use to it!) He even tried a few bike tricks, such as taking one hand off the handle bars!

Sam had his bike...

and me with my new helmet, my new bike and my super duper white legs!! At least I shaved them!

It's the perfect family ride...only 2.5 miles to the bridge.  Had to check out the senic stop! 

We rode over this entire bridge and then rode the 2.5 miles back to town.

We stopped at the Flat Tire Lounge for some lunch, which was right were we parked.

The fellow beside Sam asked me how far we rode...I told him we just went to the bridge.  He asked where we started...(DUH!) We started here, I shared with him.  He went on to tell me how he rode  the 20+ miles from Ankeny.  Good luck going back with that head wind, I wanted to tell him! (No "first timer" likes a bragger!)
Overall, it was actually a fun day and a great first family bike ride!
Check in tomorrow to see the other new thing we have!'s NOT a puppy!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Haircuts...

Yesterday was haircut day!
Jack really doesn't like to cut his hair.  He would have hippy  long hair if he could!  Yesterday he requested, "A small trim, please."

And that is what he got!

I must say, Sam has the fastest growing hair ever!! Sam wears his hair short and this is what he looks like after just 3 weeks!!  I wish I could grown my hair that fast!

Sam decided to go with a summer buzz...a first for him.  he has ALWAYS wanted to buzz his hair, but i talk him out of it!!  Not was the official buzz day.  Here he is half way there...check out all the hair on his shoulder!

TA DA!!  He LOVES IT!! I have to get use to him not having that little "fluff" of hair in the front!  Check out the look the guy in the background is giving Sam...he had just got his hair cut and obviously doesn't care for the buzzed look!

We celebrated new hair cuts at our favorite sub place..Planet Sub. (I can always figure out some reason for eating out!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School...

Tuesday was the last day of school.  Took a few last day photos and I cannot believe how much the boys have grown!

Jack on the first day of school in August. He is just as tall as the electric socket on the wall. (He is signing a "K" for kindergarten.) 

Here is my little guy on the last day.  Look how much he has grown!! No wonder he has growing pains!

Here is Sam on the first day of school this fall.

Just when i thought he couldn't get any taller, HE grew a brick, too! He is starting to look like such a young man.  (sniff)

Here are the kiddos in the fall...

....and then just the other day.

I took a picture of dropping them off at school for the last time this year. and i realized that I needed to clean my car windows!

There they go...for their last day of school.  It was a bitter sweet day. They were excited about it being the last day of school, but sad that they will be leaving this school and going to the new school next year.
Oh...jack had to do his "go to" pose with the rock!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sleeping is an important part of our day!  The other night, I couldn't help but take a few pictures when all was calm and quiet!

When I looked in on Jack, he had his rear in the air,  just like when he was a baby.  By the time I got back with my camera, he had fallen over. Jack is one that kicks his covers off when sleeping.

I guess Sam sleeps with is legs up...he also sleeps with a little blue fan on him, surrounded by his stuffed animals. He tucks himself in completely and then complains about being too hot. 

Moose's bed is at the foot of ours.  She starts in bed and rolls out through the night. 

She also enjoys a fan on warm evenings!
Sweet Dreams!

Friday, May 18, 2012

More Birthday Moments...

Thought I would share a few candid shots of the birthday party...

My sister was in charge of getting the grandparents properly lines up.  She must have been very strict in her mom didn't put the balloons down to hug Sam and then others are still in their spots holding up their signs!!

Aunt brought Sam some awesome "10'balloons.  Jack was in charge of holding the balloons.
Where's Jack?

Can you spot Jack peeking through the one and the zero?

He decided to be a bit more obvious on this photo!

Our other surprise guests started to arrive after pizza. Sam was again surprised and so happy!!

More surprise guests!!  As you can see the boys are all Dodger fans!! (heehee)

Jack photo bombing in the background.  Way too much sugar for that little man!

Jack pulled up a chair to watch Sam open gifts...he slowly got closer...

and closer!!

A group photo of all the amazing people that helped pull off one AWESOME surprise party!!