Monday, February 20, 2012

Moose on Monday...

For Valentine's Day, Moose got to go to the "spa."She hasn't been there since before her "accident."

She had pretty pink bows on her ears, but shook them off by the time I got there to pick her up.  So we decided that a "collar" bow would be a better idea for Moose.

The groomer evened out the hair on each of her legs.  The right leg was a lot "hairy" then her left leg. 

Now you can't even tell she  had surgery on her leg!  She looks so pretty!
After this picture, Sam said, "OH MY...I can hardly stand the smell of Moose!"
"What do you mean?!?!?  She smells AWESOME!!" I told him.
"No...she doesn't stink...she smells like an entire bottle of perfume!"

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Cheryl said...

She looks great!