Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Moose!

Thought I would share a few fun photos of the other girl in the family...Moose!!

Here she is waiting at the top of the steps...not because she can't do steps, but she just wants to make sure it is worth her while to go down the steps...because if we are coming back up, then might as well just wait for us at the top!

Have you seen the new commercial where the dogs are dressed up (just a little) as different Star Wars characters and they bark the Star Wars theme?  Moose couldn't take her eyes off the TV screen...ears all perked up and she was intense!!

People are always asking, "Why is her name Moose?"  Her first family named her Moose because they wanted a big dog...a girl dog..and name her a boy name.  Hence the name Moose.  She is a big dog...she is as long as Jack is tall!

She always has to be in the picture. Here Jack and I were modeling our ISU sweatshirts and blue long underware (I know...I SHOULD start a fashion blog!!)  She was sitting right beside me, putting her paw on my leg!

The boys were putting their new Legos together and Moose was right in the middle of all the action. 

Her "bum" leg is almost 100%.  If you would see her, you wouldn't know that she can't bend her left leg..until she wants you to pet her belly or rolls on her back.  Then it is a bit obvious because it sticks straight up in the air!

Because of the warm weather last week, she has decided to shed her winter everywhere!! UGH!!  I brushed her and brushed her, gave her a bath, brushed her some more and then decided to trim up a few longer hair areas...such as her ears.  This is a close up of her you can see, I cut it very short and very choppy...she now has an appointment at the groomer.  (reminds me of when I would cut my own hair and call my hair dresser begging for her to get me in!)

Moose with one of her favorite chew toys..a chicken.  Or what is left of her chicken. My sister's cats, Stella and Mable, gave Moose this rubber chicken for Christmas.  Moose sat down and pulled off the legs, the arms, the head and the eyes.  She actually made a little pile of chicken parts.  She now loves her chicken...because it is just the way she likes it!

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