Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!!
We've done several things to "prep" for this day...

My sister helped Jack do his valentine's. Can you tell that Jack had a busy day? He looks kind of tired!

Sam's class is having a Valentine box contest.  Jas and Sam created an ISU end zone for friends to "punt" or "kick" their Valentine's into his box...we will let you know how he does!

Sam practicing his valentine kicking in his box! Like the yellow goal posts and orange tee...actually it is called the "V-tee." OH MY!! while proof reading this post, I noticed there are no yellow goal posts...definitely will need to take a better photo of the VD box and share later!!

Jack made his Valentine bag at school, but joined in the fun of making "homemade" boxes...he said he needed a box for all the Valentine's he will get at home..hmmmm...

His is a basket that goes from the green pole to the hole on the other side where the Valentine will "drop" in...pretty clever!

So, you put the Valentine in the basket and send it down the zip line to the other side..where you need to take it out of the basket and put it in the box...it's the thought that counts!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

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