Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh Crap Jar...

Since we, meaning Sam and I, have not been able to cure our vocabulary of the phrase, "Oh, Crap!" We now have a "crap" jar. When we say it, we must pay a quarter. (and I really have tried to not say it!) This photo was taken after two days of paying...not good! (note to self, never start smoking) I had to pay the first 50 cents. Then my lovely husband and I were having a discussion (the boys were upstairs) and I used the word "ass." When Sam came down, Jason asked Sam, "How much does the word a-s-s cost?" "Defiantly two quarters," he replies. NO WAY...my own husband ratted me out! So now i am waiting for Jason to lay down a "JC" which is going to cost at least a dollar! (too bad the vikes aren't playing this weekend!)

A friend of mine told me that they use to charge their daughter for leaving wet towels on the floor.

What were you ever charged for???

Oh - my mom use to put scotch tape on each corner of my mouth. I had a terrible habit of "stretching" my mouth. I would open it as wide as I could and it drove my mom wild. So she put tape on my mouth, so that when I "stretched" I would be reminded not to! Nothing like running around the neighborhood with tape on your mouth! People would probably look at me strange and then say, "Oh, it's just Katie."

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