Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rock n Roll!!!

Sam got to dress up as a rock n roller for school...well, we started to get that perfect outfit ready right after school...
Once Sam, and of course Jack, were all "punked" out, it was time for their Rolling Stones photo shoot!

This is one my favorite rock n roll!

Sam's outfit included a tattoo sleeve, chain necklaces, a spike bracelet (that he got at Monkey Joe's :)), a few skull tattoos and one barbwire tattoo drawn on by his aunt later that evening. Oh, of course, spiked hair, which is out there for Sam. Can you tell Sam loved every minute of this!?!

Oh, and a knuckle rock n roll.

Caught jack rocking out with his tattoo sleeve...

Wait, the phone is ringing...I think it might be Rolling Stone calling for me to do Mick Jagger's photo shoot!!

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