Monday, January 10, 2011

A Boring New Year Resolution Post...

I am not usually a new year resolution type of person, but I think I got swept up in the moment due to watching too much Today show before and after the New Year and how fabulous I will be if I would make a few resolutions to improve myself. As you can see I am off to a fab start, being that  I am a little over one week late of stating my lofty here we go...

1.  I will  not pull my underwear out of an uncomfortable position in public. 

2.  I will not say the word the front of Sam...I was charging him a quarter every time he said it. (especially after saying it during his speech at school...yep, laid out the word, "Oh CRAP!" right during his speech...who says that word, Sam???)  BUT, I have fond that I owe Sam quarters for saying that word...we have solved the mystery of where he picked up that one! Phew!

3.  I am going to keep my email box cleaned up.  Even if I have 40 different "boxes" to organize my emails that I have not gone back to read for over 4 years, but cannot bear to delete them.

4.  I am going to learn how to sew.  Not like I am going to be on Project Runway, but I am going to try to sew on paper for my crafting.  I bought a sewing machine two years ago...and I still can't get the bobbin threaded. It might help if I took it out of the box...if I could find the box I put all the parts in.

5.  I will not giggle when Jason states, in February, "I think this is the year the Vikings will go to the Super Bowl.  Seriously, Katie, I think they will."

So maybe I won't be doing numbers 1 and 2, well, maybe not number one..I may lose valuable shopping may be a bit overwhelming, but I will put forth a valiant effort...wish me luck!

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