Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday Night Pizza...

In our family, Sunday night had always been pizza night. Jason and I have continued that tradition. Instead of ordering out last week, we decided to make our own...

Jason use to work at a Pizza place and loves to pull out those old skills....the boys were in awe!! Later I said to Jason (in a fun joking voice), "You feel pretty cool when you throw that pizza in the air, don't ya," He looked all silly and said, "Yea...I do feel pretty cool when I pull that one out."

The boys spread their own sauce on their crust.

Sam then asked to put hamburger on his pizza. Jason reminded him that Sam had said that he didn't want hamburger for his pizza, so he didn't make any. This is what Sam looked like when he realized that he wasn't going to be able to have hamburger....don't worry all you grandparents, I made up some hamburger for him to put on his pizza!

Jack with his finished cheese pizza. He actually ate his pizza, too!
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