Monday, June 30, 2014

Junkn' in June!

Ever get the urge to redo the decorating in your house? I have been going through that for about the last three weeks. I knew I wanted to change things up, but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, so I had to wait to be inspired.
Sam had a sleep over at a friend's house and I walked around her house. She has a lot of the same taste, loves color and vintage mixed in with the new. I was inspired, so off I went shopping! I spent an entire Friday shopping going to TJMAX, Target, even Homemaker's, but I didn't find ANYTHING! I finally gave up and told myself I would just go to some junk stores.
Well, I was able to stop at one in Ames, "Tangerine Zebra" and a local junk store, "Past Time Treasures" and hit the jack pot!
I have looked everywhere for a pedestal table. I wanted to put one near the front door. The area is open concept and the space needed something. Found the perfect table for 40 dollars!!

Love the shape, the legs and that it was paint needed!

Picked up this already refurbished yellow chair. It fills up the "dead" space by my dresser in my bedroom just fabulously! I am adding just a little bit of yellow to this room. I was tickled to find a yellow chair with a new gray (which is the other color in this room) reupholstered seat!  Nice and sturdy, too!

Saw these cute little yellow rain boots and knew right away they were going to be mine!

I have been taking the red out of the sunroom area and adding more yellow. Loving the brightness and such an easy change up with pillow and flowers! The trunk is actually Jason's dad's and we have used it for a side table. Thought it was time to give it a more substantial area to fill!
My friend, Janet, gave me six trays that her grandmother had. I have spay painted some, but I loved how an untouched one fit perfectly as a table tray! I have seen these trays everywhere lately!

And this is the jack pot! An old red bike in excellent condition, except for the flat tires...which will be fine for where I am going to be putting it.

Love this ride!

I am going to put it on top of our book shelves! Won't that be great!  It will fit the space perfectly and such a different piece to have in the house.

There were LOADS of fence pieces at one junk place...for cheap! This piece is at least 6 feet long and had the perfect wear!

It looks great in the backyard! I am planning on getting at least two more pieces of fencing for other areas on the patio.

I've added a few thing to my crafting area too. Check out the boxes under the table on the right side.
These boxes  held four starter flowers in the plastic containers. I got each one for two dollars! Cleaned them up...

Hot glue gunned Tim Holtz knobs to the front...
...and they are now the perfect ink pad and acrylic block holders!
Had some friends over the other night and they were drinking "Snapshot" beer. I loved the bottle, so I rinsed it out...
...filled it with water and added a few flowers.
Love the addition right beside one of my vintage cameras (which I have been obsessing about lately!)!!
I am still looking for a few pieces and can't wait to go out hunting!

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Janet said...

Everything looks fabulous! My mom had a bike just like that. It will be perfect in your house! And that tray!!!