Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Crafty Afternoon...

Jack was at Memory Bound the other day and this count down Santa caught his eye.  Since buying it, he has been dying to put it together. So the other day, he headed to the craft area (AKA the basement...that had a mouse) to work on his Santa. 

Diana, from work, created these fabulous countdown Santa kits. (Which you can still purchase at Memory Bound!) Jack will glue a cotton ball to Santa's beard each day.  Once the beard is's Christmas!!  The kit was extremely user friendly and Jack was able to put it together ALL BY HIMSELF!!  I highly recommend it for the little ones in your life!

He was so proud!
 (I thought we might have to get for November and one for December!)

While Jack worked on his Santa, Sam had to create a ballot booth board for school. (He is still in his James Bond tee shirt.) The school had a mock election and Sam participated in process of setting it up and running it on the day of the election. 

 Sam's "booth" is actually a tri-fold board which states, "Vote Wisely You Must" with a picture of Yoda holding an American flag. (Thank goodness for my Cricut machine!!) He, too, was pretty proud of his creation!  I just love craft days...or actually craft hour!   

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