Friday, November 16, 2012

Seriously, Moose....

Look what Moose brought us now!!
Last week a rabbit and this week a small buck.
HeeHee...just kidding!!
Our neighbor is a big hunter and he (obviously) got himself a deer!  The boys wanted to check it out, so off we went! I thought it would be cool to post a picture of the boys with a dead deer...bummed they wouldn't grab hold of the antlers! Maybe next time. (I am so kidding about wanting to take this picture...I think this is all wrong!)

(partial) Funny story:
This is a long story, but I will give you the "highlights."
Our neighbors were in their hot tub.  Moose was out roaming around and went into their yard. She sees our neighbors in the hot tub and goes up on their deck to say hello.  They greet Moose! "Hey, Moose!"  Moose shakes a hello, looks down and proceeds to take their slippers that were sitting by the hot tub!!  The neighbor leans over the tub trying to get Moose to give him back his slippers. Moose thinks it's time to play a game! Back and forth they both go...Moose jerking just out of reach, while the neighbor leans forward.  Everyone loves the slippers!  Our neighbor finally gets Moose to come near and he lunges for his slippers..unfortunately, he lunges a bit hard and dislocates a rib. (oh no)  Well, he was a excellent sport about it all and says this is about the fourth to fifth time he has done this to that rib. I think for christmas we will get them some hooks to put on their hot tub so they can hang their slippers safely from four legged slipper loving dogs!

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