Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting the Costumes Ready...

This year jack decided that he wanted to go as a robot for Halloween.  His idea was to put on long underwear and then put duct tape all around himself.  To me that sounded like a big bathroom catastrophe, so I talked him into using boxes...which I wasn't 100% sure wouldn't be some sort of emergency on Beggar's Night.

But boxes it was.  One for the body...

and one for the head.  My challenge was to get them to balance on his body.  Not working so well in this picture.

We decided to use dryer venting tubes for the arms.

He was very specific on how his face should look.  Small eyes and a lined mouth. At this point, he is not happy because you can see his eyes.  He wanted to put LAYERS of cling wrap across the eyes so you wouldn't be able to see them. That, too, was something I was able to talk him out of doing...must be safe on Halloween and be able to see the steps as you walk up tot he door to get candy!

So, part one is done.

 Spray painting the boxes was next.  I used a bight metallic silver spray paint (you can get ANY color of spray paint now...oh the possibilities of what I can spray paint!!)  Jack helped with the spraying. He coated them VERY well.  Definitely needed an overnight to dry.  At this point, I just need to duct tape the boxes together and cross my fingers that Jack will be able to walk on trick or treat night!!

Sam's was a bit easier.  He decided to wear a morph suit.

All I had to do was zip him up! (So slimming!)

Why purple..he wants to wear it to a Vikings game! I love it...Jason not so much!

Moose was a bit bothered by the purple man on the couch.

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