Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Football Sunday with Jack...

Sunday was much better when it came to football. The vikings won and so did Jack's team!  (More to come on Sam's day)

Sam watched a bit of Jack's game before he headed to his own game.

Jack was suppose to get the ball handed off to him.  Unfortunately, Jack forgot to grab the ball and ran right past the QB. He then turned around and headed straight back to the QB to get the ball..The kid on the right had already pulled Jack's flag...I guess it had become obvious who was to get the ball!

Unfortunately, Jack missed the hand off..Check out the kid on the right..he is just standing there with Jack's flag that he pulled about five minutes ago!

On another play, Jack got a pass. He dropped it. Oh well.

Third time is a charm! Jack is going to get the ball handed off to him...again.  You can see he is trying to visualize how he will get the hand off.

Visualization must work for him, because  he got the hand off AND held onto it!!

He SCORED the extra point!!
He even add a little drama to end...good for him!!

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