Thursday, September 27, 2012

So Close!!!

Sam's football game on Sunday, was SO close, but we just couldn't pull off the win.
(Please bare with me and my "bragging")

When Sam was lined up for kick off, I yelled at him...and he looked..and I go the picture of him looking at me!  Yea Me!

Sam got a fumble recovery..he is the one in the Orange on the ground!

Way to go, Sam!!

In the second half, Sam was double team...again.

At times, though, he still was able to get through the line.

I felt bad for the QB having these two lineman coming at him...

When Sam is listening to the coach, he tilts his head!

The game came down to the last play.  We needed a touchdown to tie the game. Our QB threw the ball to our player in the end zone and unfortunately, he dropped it. So close!! We could have used some replacement refs!! :)

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