Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Jack and Some Football...

Jack had a game on Sunday...

Jason helped with the sticks (yard markers.) He was super excited about that.

Typical Jack look.

Just doing some stretching while coach shares a play.

Time for a break and a drink.

"Wow, dad. If mom had her camera over here...she could get a great picture of the number...don't you think, dad?" (Actually I think Jas was reviewing how to catch a ball 101 with Jack.)

Another typical Jack look...or he saw some cutie on the sidelines.

Oops..Sorry.  Didn't mean to tackle my own guy.

Oh ya...wasn't suppose to tackle you...that's why we have these flags on. want me to do what??

A helpful hand from the coach...again. It was "one of those days."
So, that wraps up our exciting Sunday of football.
Thank goodness the Cyclones won on Saturday!!!

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