Thursday, May 12, 2016


A person that I have mentioned before (I think) is Cory Spieker AKA the Reset Girl. She has been a very inspiring person to me, along with many other people, over the last few months! I've watched her video several times on how she "Reset" her life and I started to believe that I could do the same.
You can watch her video by clicking here.

(Reset Girl, Me and My Forehead)

I have known for some time there are some things I need to change, do, accomplish and try, but just didn't have the guts. Things and life were going fine with a few hiccups here and there. Lord knows, change is hard for me, so why would I ever explore changing what was already pretty good? Then I realized "pretty good" could be even better.

Cori states in her video, think of something that completely scares you, that you never thought you could do, then do it. (WHAT??) Then, if you can do THAT, you can do anything...because you did the one thing that scares you the most! Well, my biggest fear are snakes, but I seriously think I would go into convulsions and die if I were to have a snake experience, so I don't think death or medical issues would fall into this category. 

This is where the Leap of Faith comes into play. 
Before heading to the Bahamas, I did a lot of self talk to myself about how I was going to go down this...thing.  To refresh your memory, it's a 60 foot drop. You can see people waiting in line on the right side...just for a size perspective. Ugh!! It is at such an angle, that when you are on top of the slide, ready to go down, you look out and see your feet, nothing slide! You just have to push yourself and go for it! There were several people who got on the slide and had to get off, some were even in tears. This thing is intimidating.

While waiting in line, I started to get the trembles. But, I kept telling myself that if I can do this...I can do anything!! I told Jason, "I can't do this." And you know what he said, "Yes you can...You can do it!"  And I did!! I took a Leap of Faith!

When I got out of the water, I had so many emotions (Jeepers, Katie, it was just a water slide!) but it was more than a water slide to me. After quickly adjusting my suit, which had gone to places that a suit never should go...there was a worker who took my picture (they do that everywhere!) and I had the biggest smile on my face!!  Unfortunately, I didn't buy the picture because it was $40 for two 8x6 pictures!!  But, I still have the memory, which is bigger than any picture! 

One aspect in my life is my blog. I am going to change it up. It's something that I have thought of for a loooong time, but it was easier to keep it as it was, but now I want and am ready to branch out more.

 I started by making a list of ideas that I want to include on my blog and came up with over two pages!! Many are things that I already include, but the "biggest" change for me is that I want to share more of my creative side.  I want to explore You tube-videos, (which Jack has already agreed to help me with) and some days I may just share a quote or a thought.  I am resetting my blog. YAY!!

I would say I am on a "journey" but to me, I am more on a Road Trip. My road is under construction and will be bumpy at the start. I have already gone down many side streets and have encountered forks in the road, some days I will go at a steady, consistent speed and other days, I know I will hit a dead end, a caution area or a detour. But, it is my road that I am building and driving the car and I am pretty excited about it all!

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