Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sam.

Happy Birthday to Sam!
I love to look back at pictures and see how the boys have changed, but it also brings a tear or two or more to my eyes because it has gone by so fast. When you have a baby, everyone tells you how fast it will go and I knew it would, but gosh darn, it goes by soooo fast. 

Seven years old.

Eight Years old.

Nine years old.

Ten years old.

Eleven years old.

Twelve years old.

Thirteen years old.

Fourteen years old
Taken last night. It warms my heart.
(Yes, Sam is tall...6')
 Oh my baby (babies) are growing up!
I know I can't change it, so I need to enjoy what a great young man Sam is becoming. Though, it is soooo hard to see him grow up sooo fast...have a mentioned that?

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