Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Phase Three

If you stop out to our house, you will notice a new smaller house in our North yard.

In this area, we have put what Jason has dreamed of having ever since I have know him. He has mentioned building one of these for YEARS! Even before we moved out here and had the land to complete his dream. Now, the time was right and the boys are at the perfect age to enjoy this addition...

Yep. We have added a pool! (Nice, clean cover we have. Ew.)

We actually started this project in late October. The pool was built, filled and then sealed up for the winter. The construction workers have worked on the project on and off through out the winter.

 Since the weather has been warmer, the construction has been in full gear!
Thought I would share a quick little tour with you. (It is still about 2-3 weeks from being completely done.)

This is a picture the day they poured the cement for the patio area. The unfilled square on the right will be a fire pit.

 Where Jack is standing, that will be the entrance through the fence.

I am now standing at the entrance. You can see the rock wall and how the pool is built into the hill, which is nice for privacy. The odd shaped item to the left of the pool is the basketball hoop.  
The cement guys put another plastic cover over the pool cover so the cement dust wouldn't get int the pool. That is why everything is wrapped and looks a bit stange.

 Jack is now standing where the spring board will be placed. .

Sam is demonstrating how to use the spring board.

This is the view from inside the pool house looking out. This will have a screen that can be lower and raised as wanted. 

On the left side of the room, there are sliding doors which house a "kitchen" type area. A fridge, sink and cupboards. The next door is a storage area.

The back windows are all screen in and then a bathroom on the right. There's also a fireplace to warn up on cool nights. (heehee)

And A view from the just outside the pool house. Amazing how Jack keeps showing up in all my pictures!!!

 These are pictures I took last night. The electricity is connected and Jason pulled back the cover. The water was actually warm, but very nasty and dirty!!

The spring board is now installed and Sam is once again showing how to start a dive. 

We are super excited to jump in and get some good use of this new addition!!

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jennifer s said...

We had a in ground pool in Oklahoma I loved it but the worst part for me as a teen was cleaning it and in the spring taking the cover off and pulling it out to the driveway and scrubbing it clean. On of the funniest things was when our beagle would go running over the cover in the winter and you would see it going in waves up and down. Your lucky you have 3 pool boys