Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

The Halloween season is wrapping up this weekend, so I thought I would share some of the Halloween happenings that have occurred at our house!

Jack visited the Halloween aisle in Target.

Jack brought out the scary clown mask...

..So he could scare his Aunt who fears clowns.
Aw...this poor little Lego guy got attacked by the birds.

Sam ate some eyeballs.

Jack blew his eyes out with all his video game playing and his uni-brow is totally out of control!

Jack ate a cupcake with gummy eyes on them. He put frosting on his eyelids and stuck the gummy eyes into the frosting!! We think that sticking out his tongue helped keep the eyeballs in place.
 And then he lost one!

No worries, my MOM put it right back on for him, because this entire event was HER idea and doing!!

I will give her credit...she did help clean his eyeballs up!
This weekend, we still have trick or treating, maybe a haunted house, hopefully some pumpkin carving and scary movie night! Check back Monday to see how we survived!!
Happy Halloween!!

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