Thursday, October 29, 2015

This and That...

Here are some odds and ends that went on in October!

 Both boys love to spend time with their dad doing "guy" things!  On this day, Jack and Jason went up to an Iowa State Football game together. When they leave I always remind them to take pictures!! Jason does a great job sending me pictures of what they are up to!

When Jason sent me this photo, I wondered whose shoulder Jack was leaning on, but it's just the way the picture was taken. You can see that Jack is clapping and cheering on the Cyclones as they walked onto the field.
They had great seats for the game..not that the game was that wonderful, but the weather and view was wonderful!

 Sam went to an overnight retreat with his youth group. This is what he looked like the entire next day!
 Sam wrapped up a successful first season of school ball. The amount he improved was amazing and so fun to watch. I actually miss going to the Tuesday night games. This was taken at his last game with a few of his fans!!

Sam and Jason headed up for a football game at ISU on a Saturday evening. Sam told me the conversation about the "picture" went like this -
Jason: We need to take a picture to send to your mom. 
Okay we are done with that now. That should keep her happy.

The pictures DO make me happy! Thank you, Jason!

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