Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We had a busy weekend filled with all sorts of tricks and treats!!
Friday night we headed out for begger's night. Sam revived an old costume at the last minute...the dreaded clown, and headed out with his friends.

Jack found it quite frightening.

Jack was in full Halloween gear with his Bart Simpson costume!

The only draw back was that it was a bit difficult to see out of the eyes. His friend had to help Jack walk, especially up and down steps.  Oh! And the mask is solid rubber = hot.

Sam was suppose to walk in the Homer costume, but at the last minute he decided that going out with friends would be more fun! (Who wouldn't!!) A friend invited Jack, so Jason stepped into the costume to fill in for Sam!

 We piled into the car to find a neighborhood to Trick or Treat. (So no one would recognize us!!) We had a bit of an issue getting Jason in the car... he made it work, but it was a very snug fit!

Jack had a very successful night of trick or treating and sorted out his candy the next day. He had a pile of chocolate candy, chewy candy, hard candies, items and full sized candy!
 On Halloween, the boys decided to try our their very first Haunted House. Jack was soooo excited to go and couldn't wait to experience a real fright! Sam was ok with it.
Well, I think Jack's experience has scarred him for life. The first "room" was a girl and she was yelling, "JAAAACCCKKKK! Where's Jack?" She had an empty Jack-in-the-Box in front of her.  That was the end for Jack. He pulled a "Katie" grabbed the back of Jason's coat and buried his head into his back. At one point, a guy jumped out and scared everyone. Jason said, you could hear Jack yelling, "YOU ARE SUCH A JERK!" Sam wasn't sure what to expect, but since he went, he thinks he might be able to go again.  He thought it was scary, but doable.
Jack...he is never going into another one as long as he lives.

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