Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Don't Forget!!

Jason scored a couple of last minute Iowa State men's basketball tickets, so he and Sam headed up. Before they left I said, "You guys are going to have so much fun! Don't forget to take a picture!"
That is my go-to saying for anything the boys go do that I am not involved with. "Don't forget to take a picture!"

As they were getting ready, I nicely mentioned it again to Jason,
"Don't forget to get a picture!"

As they were headed out the door.
"Have a good time, guys! Don't forget to take a picture!"

Around half time I got a text from Jason.
 This is the what I received:
Along with the text:
"Here's your picture."

A little effort would have been nice.
 But all I responded was, "Thanks!"
I got his point.

Soon after his dad's text, I received this one from Sam.
All his text said was, "MMmmmm!"

That, my friends, is a Clone Cone! A must get at every basketball game! I am impress though with Sam's ability to hold the Clone Cone while taking a picture of it with his free hand. At least I have one of them trained pretty well!!

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