Thursday, February 12, 2015

Euchre Trophy

On Super Bowl Sunday, we got together with a group of friends before the game to play a little Euchre. We have actually turned our gatherings into a little Euchre tournie which is always fun!! I was coming off my "high" of creating my "X" and "O" and decided to create a Euchre trophy, because every tournie needs a trophy!

I couldn't believe my luck when I found the paper mache little number! It actually glowed from the shelf and I couldn't pass it up!!
My plan was to incorporate all suits and have the hand holding a winnable Euchre hand. I started by painting it all white.
Well, the next morning, the white wasn't talking to me. It's a trophy..right...It needs to be a trophy color. Gold. Much better!
From my cameo, I cut out the word "euchre" in a tattoo font. Which became the bracelet or a tattoo cuff.  Added a club for a little detail!

The heart suit is represented by the fingernails!
Diamonds. Easy!! Used some more Heidi Swapp Marquee Glitter!

I pulled out an amazing Euchre hand and glued the cards together. I then tried to glue the cards to the fingers, but that did not work. So, I ended up stapling them to the fingers! Bingo! Added a Spade to the wrist, so all suits were represented.

Added a little glitter to the bottom of the trophy. I am SO DONE with glitter. It is everywhere!!
The trophy was a big hit and got lots of laughs! It was also proudly presented to the winner of the tournament, which was unfortunately no one in our house!

I took a picture of my hand while playing the tournie,  I actually had the perfect Euchre hand and I knew no one would believe me!! I was super excited!!  BUT, I didn't get to call it and this hand was a total loser!! UGH!!

My trophy wasn't the only party favor to show up...we all had beer goggles to!

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