Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday Pictures...

I am still going storng-ish. Today I took a few more photos for my "Week in the Life" mini album than I took yesterday. So that raises my awareness level a little bit!  While taking these photos, I thought, "Now I have to figure out how to scrap them!" But, I remind myself, simple simple!! I am determined to get this one done!

So here are Tuesday's pictures and a little story for each of them. Remember, these are unedited!! I am editing them for my book and cross you fingers, that I will share those with you later!
When Jack gets up in the morning, he goes straight to our bed where he eats breakfast and watches Curious George.

Taking Jack to school at 7:40 am.

When I get back from taking Jack to school, Sam is up dressed and ready for breakfast - if he hasn't had it yet. Today I made him pancakes!

It never fails that Sam has to put his shoes on in the car when we take off for school at 8:10.

I don't have a full length mirror in our bedroom, so I use the shower door!

Moose ran out of all her meds, so I picked up her refills!

Sam's unmade bed!

Boys got their flu mist today!

While doing homework tonight, Sam just cracked him self up over and over!

We worked on Jack's Ghost Buster Halloween costume.

Trying our an idea on how to create slime for his costume.

Boys downloaded "still movie" on the ipad and spent two hours creating a movie.

The name of the first movie filmed by the Belding Bros Movie Inc. 

Ended the night with Jack reading and Sam watching the World Series in our room.

It was a busy day and we got a lot done! Yea!
Darn it. I am starting to get a bit stressed about the amount of pictures of have!!

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