Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This weekend is our Christmas Open House at the store and I have been Kit crazy for the last three days! I will have put together 102 kits by Tuesday night!  WOW!! 

Anyway, once I am done with all this "kitting" I told myself I can do some creating for myself! So I have a few ideas in my head that I have been thinking about. 

 I am also pondering the idea of a November Grateful journal/mini-album. My idea is to write something each day I am grateful for or have a picture. I am thinking about using a purple WeR 4x4 album. Not very fall like, but I am ok with that.
I am thinking that some days (or maybe 25 out of the 30) could be a word or two. Again, VERY simple!!
Once again, it's Ali Edwards yearly "Week in the Life" week. I have thinking I may try this for the ump-teenth time and actually make it super simple so I may finish the book! I would use a 6x8 Red Simple Stories book!
Hmmm...now to get started!!
First thing, pictures. So, today I seriously took a few pictures. I ditn't want to be overwhelmed after the first day and end up quitting...which I have done numerous times in previous attempts at this project!

The whole idea of the "Week in the Life" is to take a picture documenting your entire day: morning through night. That just does not work for me. I forget or get very overwhelmed by the amount of photos I take! 

So, these are the photos I took today and I will (hopefully) include in my "week of" book. They are unedited!! I want to share with you how I edited them for my book.
My favorite fall tree in our yard.
A Halloween decoration!
A few kits in the making!
Jack's monkey and blankets left in my bed. (love this!)

Me in the car...I was at a stop light!!
The book I started reading today.

My weakness right now.

Playing at the park in the afternoon. 

I realize there are not a lot of the boys and not a one of Jason. I just wanted to get the highlights of the day, not every detail. (Not saying Jas isn't a highlight!!) My hope is that I will get all the "details" through the week. 

 I have also thought of doing a week of Sam and a week of Jack. Just to change it up. I think the boys would love to go back and check those books out in later years! 

Hope you don't get bored with my posts this week seeing the process of a scrapbook! Well, maybe not a scrapbook, but of a few pages!!


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