Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 3

I am proud to say that I am still taking pictures on day 3 AND have printed out THREE pictures for my album! Yea, me!!

I will jump right into Wednesday's stories! 
Definitely not as many pictures today!
This is a reflection of my car!!

My once a week treat...lunch from Blimpie's!

I worked today and we are in full swing for our holiday open house this weekend! Wrote a welcome sign to welcome all our customers!

Helped create a "Merry Chip-mas" (get it) Santa with a Pringles can!

Mom picks up the boys on the days I work (love that!!) Today when I got home, she was busy reinforcing Jack's costume so it won't rip out on him when trick or treating. She's the best! 

Sam headed up to the school football game. He was being cantankerous. Our team who though!!

Jack found some possible spirit mittens to wear for the Vikings game!

Jack and I had pasta for dinner.
Gives a chance to for him to talk about anything he would like to share. Tonight he shared facts about the heartbeats of hummingbirds, whales and ground hogs.

He said, "Mom, let me take your picture."
This is what I got!

Jack worked on putting slime on his Ghost Buster costume. Last night we spent time putting "slime" on wax paper. Then is dawned on me this am...the puffy paint we used to create slime on the wax paper is FABRIC paint. DUH!! It would work right on his FABRIC costume!!


Sam and a friend are going as Duck Dynasty want-a-bes.
Sam loved his new look!

He seems very comfortable...maybe too comfortable!

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