Monday, October 13, 2014


Welcome Back!
Thanks for your patience and understanding that I needed a break from the blog world! I got a little heat from Sam that other night about not blogging.  Which I thought was funny...he is living the stories that are on the blog!! Anyway, hope I didn't lose too many readers and hasn't slowed down and I really don't think it will. Just need to find a balance!

Anyway, I want to share a few photos of Jerry....I mean Jack!  It was TBT (throw back Thursday) last week at school and we started talking about a costume he could wear about, oh I would say, 7:00 pm on Wednesday. So, we headed to our costume box. Yes, we have a costume box! Check back in previous years posts and you will see how much the boys liked to wear costumes!! Anyway...we lucked out and found Sam's hippie costume from two years ago! Score!! And the bonus...Jack was in love with it!!

Yes, I finally asked the question, "Why do you keep crossing your eyes??"
He explained, "My glasses feel weird on my nose and I am trying to figure out why."
Silly me.

Much better, Jerry Garcia!!
It almost worries me how comfortable Jack was in his attire. At one point he was sitting on my bed and says, "Mom. I just LOVE this outfit."  He called it an outfit. Oh my.  When Jas tucked him into bed that night, he told Jason, "Dad. I cannot wait to go to school with my outfit on."

And sure enough, he was up bight and early the next morning and dressed before I had my coffee maker warming up!  He wore the entire get up ALL day and reported that it was one of the most fun days he has at school! 

I love that he was secure enough to wear such a get up to school and not worry about what others may think of him...that wouldn't have happened last year!  So, I guess this outfit was a good thing for him. Shows that he is feeling more confident and secure in himself. Or, Jack is going to be a  free spirit and follow the tours of the groups Pearl Jam and Phish. His dad would love that!!

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