Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A New Pet!

Check this Out!!
Getting out of the car after school, this little guy came up to us to say hello! Check out how he is just a little bit bigger than a leaf! He was soooo tiny!!
 Yea, this little baby squirrel came right up to us!
It was crazy!!
 From this angle you can see how little the squirrel is! He was actually following us around in the garage!! He would suddenly try to act tough and try to make clicking noises and shake his tail at us. Very intimidating! 

 But then it would hop right back up to one of us.
He came right up to Jack and gave Jack's sock a sniff over. He quickly learned that Jack's feet weren't something you 't want too sniff too long!!
  The boys wanted to pet it, but I said "NO WAY!! With our luck it will bite you and not let go and then you will have to go to school with a squirrel on your hand!"  A you can see, they both started to watch it a bit more closely!
 Sam gave him a buckeye that he had found while coming out of school. The nut was way to big for the little guy and he had a terrible time holding it, but it never gave up!
(Great senior pose, Sam!)
 He was pretty darn cute.

Eventually, I had the boys shut the garage door so he wouldn't follow us in there! I stayed outside while they did this and had them open the service door. I ran to the door, with that little guy right on my heals!! I got the door shut just in time...or the little guy would have met my big scary dog, Moose, and I don't think that would have gone over very well!!

Later, I was telling Jason about the squirrel.  He said if his dad, Roger, would have been here, he would have caught the  squirrel and made a home for it and kept it as a pet. Jason's dad use to "rescue" baby raccoons and ground squirrels when he and his sister were little. They would get the baby creatures out of their cages and Jason would have them crawl all over him! He loved it. He would feed them sugar water with an eye droppers. Ew. And I thought maybe the little guy had eaten some mouse poisoning and was just a bit disorientated.

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Stephanie said...

Yes dad would have made this little guy a home. We had a couple squirrels when I was in high school too and I have pictures of them crawling all over me. Owls, coons, squirrels, deer - you name it Dad took care of them. :( Miss him a lot!!