Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where's The Ball?

Jack's baseball season is in full swing. (haha..get it..full swing!)
I actually caught the baseball in each of the pictures...can you spot it? 
No, it's not in this one.
Jack is looking at me like, "Really are making a game of my game?"
Oops..missed that one.

Hit it, but it popped up...foul ball!

Look closely!

Another hit, but another foul. Darn it!!

Nicked this one.

Oh darn, missed this one too!
Oh well...
How many tries do they get? Well, a kid pitches 4 balls and if the batter doesn't get a hit, then the coach pitches 4. If they still do not get a hit, then they are considered struck out.
Wait until I show you the pictures of when Jack was pitcher!

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