Friday, May 23, 2014

The Steps to Batting and Pitching...

A friend of ours coaches baseball and spent a little time with Jack the other day coaching him on some new techniques, as Jack put it.

Step 1: Squash the bug with your right foot and square up to the base, hence the tapping the bat to the base.
(Maybe step 1 should have been tie your shoe!)
Step 2: Relax.

Step 3: Wind it up.

Step 4: Eye on the ball and swing...
...and hit!!
Yea!! Jack got a single!
Everyone after him got a hit so Jack got to run to home!
He loves that!
I was just pleased that he didn't trip on his shoestring!
 Now to share the steps to pitching!
First, you need to dust off the pitcher's mound.

Step 2: Get ready. Put your chin out a bit for intimidation.

Step 3: Wind it up.
Check out his fingers on the ball! New technique!

Step 3: Whip it through.
I do think the coach beside Jack is saying, "Was that a team season fastball with a circle changeup pitch?"
Got to love the baseball season!!

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