Thursday, April 3, 2014

Proud to be a Cyclone...

Our Cyclones may be done for the year, but I still have a few memories on my i-pad that I haven't shared!
This was my stack of sorted laundry after spending the weekend in Kansas City during the Big 12 tournament! Top shirts are Jack's, next are Jason's shirts and the last set of shirts are Sam's.

Jack and Jason getting ready for the isu vs. UConn game to begin (sniff). After I took this picture, I sat down by Jason. He had a spot on his shorts. I told him that I had done laundry that day, why didn't he wash those shorts?  "I can't. I've worn these every time isu has played in March Madness. I don't' want to lose the mojo."
This season was so much fun and I cannot wait until next year!!

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